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November 13, 2012

Problems with SS

Six Sigma is another (Expert - LED) method that mostly done by a third party. Yet it can be done by the company itself, but it is believed by the top management that a third party might have a wider knowledge that can bring more benefits to the company. This way of thinking should be avoided because it causes many problems such as the opposition of the improvement from the employees’ side as well as the employer to lose confident on his employees. If this actually appears as the case in a certain company, poor buy-in will be the case of any improvement project. The performance will shifted to a higher level while the experts are in the company but the performance will start to decrease after finishing the project. That could be the result of change resistant by employees themselves. Therefore, a good idea is set a good communication with staff and then start applying six sigma.

Six Sigma

In the past I had an idea about six sigma and its use in improving the processes, but I did not know how this can be done or who is doing it. From The Introduction ofPIUSSI understand that there are special courses about six sigma and people regarding their knowledge about six sigma are actually getting level certifications named as Green belt & Black Belt. The Higher certified level is called as Master Black Belt, which can be a result of a wide experience. These people are normally those who control the improvement of the process by using six sigma. Therefore, a good point for me to start is to take these courses and implement the knowledge and start to build a strong base by spreading the knowledge of SS between the workforces in the company.

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