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June 03, 2013

KBAM_ Is applying KM that easy?!!

Yesterday I had a conversation with one of my friends about Knowledge Management and I found out that his idea about KM is just limited to sharing the information, which seemed very easy concept to him!! So I started thinking is it that easy? Well of course not if we have a look at people perception within firms and societies. We live in a world where people value the most people with more information than others. Looking at most of the performance appraisal systems it will be found that employees do not prefer sharing their information because they do not want to lose their value in the company. Also they are afraid of someone else uses their knowledge and as a result came up with new idea which might gives him/her a chance to promote or awarded. So although KM appears as a simple concept to handle, however, we are here talking about cultural barriers which are introduced to our systems as a result of a misunderstanding both individuals & organizational psychology and the wrong applying of theories and approaches by firms. What I understand in that applying KM requires a significant shift in firms from their fat top in the structure down to the lowest position in the company, which is not that simple at all, but really worth suffering for.

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