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November 29, 2012

Performance vs Variation

From Taguchi methodto improve the quality of manufactured goods, it noticed that consistency of the product is more vital than its actual performance during testing. Bear in mind that users are going to make use of it under different circumstances not like to those perfect laboratory testing standards. In simple words, a product that can handle various conditions and perform well with less variation is better than a product performing excellent with great variation when conditions changes.

November 28, 2012

Is My Process UNDER CONTROL !!!

People have different views about achieving the products’ specifications and keeping their processes under control. One great example and could be the believed as the secret behind the Japanese success is the amount of excepted variation during the process. There was a case about a failure happened to the collar machine in their process and they figured it out, but they kept using the same machine for about 24 days waiting for the new collar to be delivered. The amazing truth was that even with their machine failure and the variation gone out of control, they were remained producing their products within the customers’ specifications, how amazing is that!!! In other words, they were producing their products in a very small variation that even when the things went wrong they stayed under control. This is a real great lesson to think deep about how far your process is under control and when to say we are producing just fine.

Very Interesting

Great Book about lean

Not rated

THE MACHINE THAT CHANGED THE WORLD offers a groundbreaking analysis of the entire lean business system, including product development, supplier management, sales, service, and production - an analysis even more relevant today as GM and Ford struggle to survive and a wide range of British and American companies embrace lean production. A new Foreword by the authors brings the story up to date and details how their predictions were right. As a result, this reissue of a classic is as insightful and instructive today as when it was first published.

November 27, 2012

Voice Of Customers

During the past two days, I worked on a team to assemble small planes. Our target is to maintain a delivery of each plane between 3:15 to 3:45 mins. Suggestions were given by the team to achieve this target. We could not make it to achieve our target, but I think it worth doing that giving us a great amount of knowledge about Six Sigma process improvements. For me, I think the most valuable information was that customers should be involved in the project of improving the process. The VOC, voice of customers, should be taken into consideration to add value to whatever you are providing and to remove things that are not adding anything. Customers should be asked about their requirements, and if any changes have to be made they should be involved as well to see what they think “Do they want it, does it suit them”. It is hard to achieve improvement in an isolated environment.

November 25, 2012


It is common that any change will face resistance from others. Resistance level might vary from a person to another. But is it useless or useful to have resistance. I used to think that it is useless that I do not want someone to just set and oppose new things which would create problems. However, from what I learnt in Six Sigma class, I think that my idea was totally changed to the opposite side that it can be useful by using a proper methodology and communication. I can use those opposes to discuss with them my ideas and the options I am thinking of. From this discussion I can convert their opposing to a useful tool to figure out what I missed and maybe new ideas which might be better than mine.

Best way to compare

Comparing theories and principles might be considered as one of my daily routines as an MBE student. My knowledge about comparison was just limited to find similarities and differences between whatever I was looking at. However, a great idea of higher level of comparison is to go deeper and find the gap in each of the compared stuff and how these gaps can be fulfilled. In addition, to what extent they agree and disagree should be studied as well. Knowing such information would really direct my comparison thoughts to search deeper and wider rather than just stating the similarities and differences and is going to help me in my Master’s degree and job to better identifying methods to use and principles to think about.

 How to compare

Socio–emotional Issues

Introducing new changes to a process might face barriers or challenges that sometimes might even make the process worse. Socio-emotional issues can be considers as a priority. Since peoples’ feeling plays a major role in their performance, socio-emotional issues are those including how to deal with oneself, others and relationships, and work in an effective manner. In dealing with employees, an effective team leader and project manager should be capable with recognizing their emotions and learning how to manage those feelings. For example, attacking individuals’ mistakes is not a desire action. Therefore, knowing the importance of such knowledge would add a great value in my future career when it comes to deal with employees regarding changes. Good communication skills would help in overcoming these issues and support projects goals to improve processes.

November 14, 2012

Six Sigma & Variation

One of the most important benefits of Six sigma is to reduce variation of a process or a performance. Many excellence principles talked about variation as the enemy but there were no tool provided to deal with this problem. From PUISS, I found out that SS can be a good tool to fight variation. Basically, it identified the common causes and the special causes of the difference and then it sort them out in a way to solve or fix them to get the max benefit or product or services quality.

1)What do I want/need? (2) What have I got? (3) What should I do about it?

November 13, 2012

Problems with SS

Six Sigma is another (Expert - LED) method that mostly done by a third party. Yet it can be done by the company itself, but it is believed by the top management that a third party might have a wider knowledge that can bring more benefits to the company. This way of thinking should be avoided because it causes many problems such as the opposition of the improvement from the employees’ side as well as the employer to lose confident on his employees. If this actually appears as the case in a certain company, poor buy-in will be the case of any improvement project. The performance will shifted to a higher level while the experts are in the company but the performance will start to decrease after finishing the project. That could be the result of change resistant by employees themselves. Therefore, a good idea is set a good communication with staff and then start applying six sigma.

Six Sigma

In the past I had an idea about six sigma and its use in improving the processes, but I did not know how this can be done or who is doing it. From The Introduction ofPIUSSI understand that there are special courses about six sigma and people regarding their knowledge about six sigma are actually getting level certifications named as Green belt & Black Belt. The Higher certified level is called as Master Black Belt, which can be a result of a wide experience. These people are normally those who control the improvement of the process by using six sigma. Therefore, a good point for me to start is to take these courses and implement the knowledge and start to build a strong base by spreading the knowledge of SS between the workforces in the company.

November 2012

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