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April 23, 2013

MBE_Applying SoPK to our current stuff!! PMAs and Dissertations

Writing about SoPK for our PMAs and project…………. from Vagelis's blog

I just do not know what to add to Vagelis's amazing explination, just want to say guys lots of valuable info is here.

KBAM_Things Affecting KM implementation

Limitation in knowledge management arises from the behaviour of people and organisational culture. It is observed that employees or resources are reluctant in sharing information with their counter parts because they believe that their value in the firm will be lost or reduced once the information has been made accessible to other employees. Furthermore, attitude of employees is also extremely critical in this process as information and knowledge can lose their value or meaning if they are expressed in a way that is clouded by a person’s own opinion about it. People have different perspectives on every single aspect and transmitting information with its true essence in such scenarios becomes a tedious task. This is considered as an organizational cultural barrier. The thing is that most reward systems in many firms promoted and rewarded people based on their individual performances, which proved to be very detrimental for knowledge sharing. Therefore reflecting is this knowledge is to try to avoid individualistic culture in processes and support rewarding the sharing behavior with a sense of appreciation for those shared their experience, since they will lose their value in the company. Awareness of importance of KM is circular in here; therefore employees should fully understand the benefits and advantages of knowledge management that it is not taking experience but even add to their experience as well.

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