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July 08, 2004

NT Nightmares

I swore to myself that my first entry wouldn't be at all moany, but I've just about reached my limit with Windows NT and web browsers!

Today I'm trying to beef up the Residences section of the new Student Computing site on SiteBuilder. My last three attempts to edit one particular page have gone something like this:

  1. Try to edit the page in Firefox using the Java applet editor – Firefox crashes
  2. Restart Firefox, which now doesn't seem to be rendering anything on the screen
  3. Close the now broken FF, try instead with Mozilla off the NAL, which experiences the same rendering problem as FF
  4. Close Mozilla, revert to using IE, which then locks up while trying to load the applet
  5. Forcefully close IE, and NT blue screens on me and starts a memory dump

Resisting the temptation to point out how I never have any problems using my own PC in my room, but this is really starting to annoy me now! :-)

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