April 23, 2007

Search facility (update: 23/04/07)

Follow-up to Search facility from Viren Patel - Individual Project Blog (CAD library of mechanical devices)

The search facility has been successfully implemented. Keyword searches can now be performed, with the results being entries. Each entry represents one model.

However, the entries appear all on one page, in chronological order. A method of collecting all entries (models) belonging to a particular branch/function is being looked into.

Viren Patel

April 22, 2007

Search facility

This is an entry to decipher the success of incorporating a search facility.

To test this hypothesis, please enter the following into the search box. If you achieve/ don't achieve the expected results, please leave a comment describing the extent of the success.


Artobolevsky (This should produce two entries: this one and "No. 182")

entry  (Should only produce this entry)

Thank you.

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  • Yes Virenkumar, I have checked this hypothesis as per your instruction and it also shows good result… by Daniel on this entry
  • Thanks for your information. I hope now it can show better search results. It is also another advant… by Kalis on this entry
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