March 29, 2011

Leading Change

When i was reading transformation ledership theory i get an idea that, most successfully leaders are those who  managed to change the way of doing things in the organization so as to meet the turbulent business environment. By so doing they managed to lead change.

Leading change is not easy task. As a leader you need to prepare yourself  for change as well as your people. Before leading change you have to analyse the need for change. And during change process ask opinion from other members of the organization that is  from  top to the lower level. Then create the vision which shows where you want the company to be after  transformational process. The vision created should take into  consideration  the views collected from other member of the organization, by so doing you will be  able to reduce number of people who resist to change. Because they will fill involved in the change process by valuing their ideas.

Leaders who lead change use positive language in order to influence people during the change process.Creates awareness within the organization on the need for change for instance, we want to change in order to meet cusomer expectation, improve efficiency,  etc. Also let people know the consequence of resisting change like loosing company share, as well as loosing job. Also as a leader who lead change you are not supposed to push people into change, instead create a sense of urgence and provide  the holistic view of how the future will look like after  change. By so doing people will be encouraged to change. 

March 06, 2011


When Paul was talking about GROW, he makes me reflect back within the organization I am working with. Our Organization actually do not want junior staff to GROW, we always receive directions from our leaders and act accordingly. Majority of the leaders they don'tteach their subordinates to be indepent instead they are working in the first quadrant as Paul said. They don't want to delegate. Leadership module helps me to understand different traits that should be possessed by a leader.

However I have learned that, as a leader you have to let your subordinates to GROW if you want to create competent team, coach them,and let them find solution for their own.Give opportunity for your follower to think and encourage creativity. Despite of this concept which I acquired during leadership module, it is a challenge to implement it in a real world. I believe most of the organization need to be transformed especially in our country.There is a large gap between leaders and followers, most of junior staff working in public organization are not trusted if they are able to perform better. Hence create fear and reduce confidence to young generation. According to DSPK, this type of system need to be transformed, but we still have a long way to go.

February 19, 2011

Being a leader in Africa

Practising ledership by using personal power in Africa is really difficult, especially when you are working with politician as an immediate boss. Yes as a leader you have a strategy, a vision and a mission of where you want your organization to be. The same time your immediate boss let say a (Minister- Politician) also have different idea, his / her aim is to continue defending his parliament position. Hence when you want to implement your objective toward the organization goal, your boss also want to use the same resource you have to make sure he continue remaining being a member of parliament for another time. At the end of the year, as the organization you fail to attain your goal due to scarcity of resources (but most of the time these resource were available but used by these politicians). Assume you have given a chance to lead in this situation what are you going to do? I need help because this is the type of sytem I am working with.

February 11, 2011

What does it mean to be a leader?

It means striving to make a difference in the life of others and the world.  Also it means believing in yourself and those you work with. A leader should possess a desire to help other team member and keeping away his/her ambition.

To me leadership is symbolic; a good leader should also empower others to lead so as to achieve an organization goal. Leadership is about moving people in a certain direction,usually through changing the direction of their thinking and their actions. And the way to do that is not necessarily by charging out front and say " follow me"  but by empowering or pushing others to move forward ahead of you . I believe it is through empowering others that we convey our own leadership or ideas.

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