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November 30, 2010

Studying for FACS thinking of PMAs , anxious about test (Thoughts during a break)

I will go crazy…. So many things and limited of time. Well, this is life so fight for it. Now I am studying for Facks. But, I am also thinking for my PMAs and how I will face them. To make the things worse I am anxious about the test tomorrow.

I have done some calculations and the test tomorrow contributes by 0.83%in our total mark for the MBE. Someone will say it is not important so we do not have to study so much time.….. I disagree because this pre-work material is the base for the PMA of the module.

What is really fascinating is that I am thinking things on the same time for my PMA………. For example I figure out how to tackle the problem that I had with my PMA for CBE. I think it is great idea. This reminds me an ancient Greek mathematician who have figure out a way to measure the value the kings crown. The story is “While Archimedes was taking a bath, he noticed that the level of the water rose as he got in; having suddenly discovered that the volume of water displaced must be equal to the volume of the part of his body he had submerged. This meant that the volume of irregular objects could be calculated with precision, a previously intractable problem. He was so excited that he ran through the streets naked and still wet from his bath, crying "I have found it!"

No I didn¢t run naked in my buildings corridor……. But I was excited and motivated in order to continue with pre-work. We have a lot of work and as Jan said the challenge is on…The time is not unlimited. So we have to do the best possible and feasible action. It is hard but after it we will be stronger and more able to face the real life¢s problems.

So many things are taking place in the same time. The pressure in on and we have to admit that we must be on time….. Keep working my friends the boat is on its Journey………………

November 28, 2010

My first feed forward

Bad experience my first feed-forward. When I submitted my PMA for feed-forward I was really excited and after it was frustrated. I really studied a lot for it but the result is not what I expected.

I have to admit that I was sad for two or maybe three days but then I realized that was wrong to feel bad. I am focused to the result that it was bad. But this is not the point. The point is that I will be better next time. I will try to correct my drawbacks and develop my strengths. This is the point of the results just used for feedback.

So my advice to everyone is keep going with courage and brave. At the end of the day we will be at our destination despite how many obstacles we will meet. Odysseus fought with monsters in order to go back to his country, Ithaca.

Always remember, “Never surrender, never retreat” …………

PS: I am excited again…………..

November 26, 2010

My first E–meeting

Today I had my first meeting with some colleagues of the organization that I was working. It was a two hours meeting and I was there through skype connection. I had fun, despite the fact that the computer reduced my ability to participate.

Yesterday I had studied some references for my PMA in PIUSS. I had to find out a good way in order to rationally chose a quality characteristic in which we will apply statistical Process Control. It was more as guidance in order to help the specialists to decide. I think that the results were good and the outcome was exactly what I expected. Also the quality characteristic that was chosen is the one that I expected to be.

For that process I used the House of Quality. This really amazing tool that was developed in Japan helps to translate the voice of the customer (needs) into the voice of the process (technical characteristics). The process had absolute success. People were amazed that they can express their ideas while they were facilitated by a tool. I believe that the combination was amazing.

First we took the needs of the customer that the organization had from a previous survey. Then experts wrote down some characteristics according to that needs. Then we ranked the relevance between those two. The result was to choose our Quality characteristic.

Now I have to write down the meeting results and add the references that I have. Then I have to study the literature for the next step which is that rationally process of sampling.

Hope to be successful too……………

November 25, 2010

No resistance to change

As I have already mentioned in one of my previous blogs I have chosen the third question for my PIUSS PMA. After a meeting with the Professor where I took the ok for my PMA, I spoke with my family in order to tell them about the project.

Despite the fact that we will not go through a whole SIX SIGMA project but we will only measure the quality characteristic it is astonishing that when I was explaining what we are going to do they welcomed the change.

I was clear that there is a possibility that the results will not be so good. They didn¢t care. They said that in that case this will be an indicator that we do not operate well. So it is an opportunity for improvement.

I was amazed that I did not face resistance to that minimum change. I strongly believe that a lot of people would have said “I know my job I do not need statistical methods to tell me if I do the things right”.

Probably the resistance to change is correlated with the character of the person. My family was always looking for the new. They believe that world changes all the time so we have to take the risk of the new. Well I have to admit that there were some invocations from them. Due to the fact that we are under economic crisis they asked me the measurement to be as less expensive as it is possible. The good thing is that I didn¢t add almost any cost to their process. It just takes 10 seconds more to measure the product before they package it.

I think that on the other hand people that do not take the risk probably afraid of change. Probably there are a lot of factors that caused this to happen. For example previous experiences, society, education, family, religion and society can be factors that affect the level that someone afraid of change.

So the question is “is resistance to change correlated with how conservative or progressive is someone?¢….”Does the facilitator play an important role on that?”

I do not know. Te point is that the first indicators showed to me that progressive people do not afraid of the new. Is that always for good?

November 24, 2010

Individuality and Personal Mastery

Senge supports that people of an organization must develop Personal Mastery. This means that everyone has to be good on his work and continually improve its skills. In addition it must develop personal virtues that will make him more self controlled and open minded.

In my opinion Personal Mastery refers to the ability of a person to self-orient its actions and beliefs and continually improve them too. Also, it refers to a personal freedom that allow to the individual thinking and acting for the favour of the common development.

The question is does this theory have any impact in our society? If it was implemented, would it have benefits for the society? These are crucial questions. Does individual improvement affect the world?

In my point of view, personal development, not only affect the world but also it is the only way to improve our place. I do not believe that crowds of people that obey and operate like soldiers, without critical view, is enough. To make the things worse, it is bad practice. Only if the individual change we will be able to create healthy crowds that will operate under the principles of the system for the common aim. Without individuals change few can be achieved.

I have said that again in a previous blog. If we do not change our selves, we will not see any change in our world.

Strict gym program vs Six Sigma

I was on the gym when one of the gymnasts came and told me:

“We have to create a week program for your exercise”

I answered that it is not possible because I cannot follow it. He was amazed from my answer. Then I started to explain him that there are common and special causes that affect my schedule. He didn¢t understand anything so I had to explain him more what I was talking about.

PMAs, meetings, Project weeks and having fun are some things that can cause variation in my occupied time per week. This means that one week I must study 35 hours and other weeks I have to study 45 hours. Apart from that there are weeks that we have one or two student union¢s festivals or weeks that have more. So fun-time can vary too. How can I have a gym program and follow it strictly?

Except for all these there are some other things that can cause increased variation. For example, the supervisor can be angry because I am not following the Project¢s program (hope that never this happen) or it is a module week. This can affect study time a lot and increase it over the upper limit.

At the end of the day the gymnast told me: “Well, next time that I will create a program I will do it flexible. I never thought of all that factors”. I think that I have persuaded him…

Of course I am not propose not having a program. But ok… It is Gym… We can work out without program….. Just go for one hour and relax.

PS: I feel that I am addicted to MBE. I want vacations….. LOL

November 23, 2010

Global Economic Crisis and world war

A lot of economists support that after a war there is direct economic development. I am not in favour of those practices but history has proved that when the global economic system were at the edge a world war taking place in order to regulate the condition. I strongly believe that there are other solutions, different than that, but the global system prefer this easy way. You see transformation of the system needs a lot of sacrifices from everybody on the other hand a world war needs only human sacrifices bud not from everybody.

There was an attack of North Korea to South Korea. Two soldiers are dead and there were a lot of injured ones. In addition Russia, China, Japan and USA have involved through some statements in that conflict. Does this mean we will go in conflicts of communists against capitalists? Is the cold war again alive?

You may think that I exaggerate. But you never know. Economic systems have nothing to lose in our days. They can deduct a war for their improvement. Do you believe that they care for human lives? I do not.

I hope that we will not lead our world in a war. I hope that we will find different kind of solutions to face the economic crisis.

November 22, 2010

Ready for my first advice in SPC (Through PMA)

I found quite interesting the fact that among our PMA choices for PIUSS where some that are more technical that theoretical. SO I grasped the opportunity and I will go for the third question.

I have thought of a critical quality factor. Now I must clarify some questions for my PMA and then persuade my family to make this small step in a different mentality. I will probably write a blog regarding the resistance to change that I will meet. I am very curious for that.

I have to admit that there are some difficulties in doing a more practical PMA. First of all it is critical to combine the academic theory with the practice that you will follow to answer the question. There must be a coordination, which seems to be a little bit difficult to be achieved. Also it is quite difficult to gather data. You must cooperate with people that work in the organization and this is quite bit confusing. There are a lot of problems and questions for that. For example: Will they give the appropriate attention to the measurements?

On the other hand these more practical questions probably need fewer sources to be investigated which are the advantage towards the theoretical PMAs. Also, according to my opinion, this kind of PMA gives more space for analysis which motivates students.

In conclusion I have to say that, this is a start of a new journey. To be more precise it is a sub-journey of the aggregate journey to excellence. Let it be fruitful and successive.

PS: I hope that everyone make the right choice for their PMA.

November 21, 2010

The success of MBE

This entry is something that made me feel great and I want to share with you.

I totally think that in MBE and more precise in Group B (I cannot say for the Group A, I do not know how they operate) we have created a great team of learning. We learn through fun and this is very important. Our intelligence (I really believe that), our eagerness, our passion in combination with two excellent tutors until now have great result. We are a team and operate with a common aim. In addition we have created an excellent environment.

There is a great possibility that we do not understand and realize our achievements because we belong in that system. But the outside view (Again Deming, my God he is everywhere) can realize and certify that. I spoke with one of my friends that have attended in PIUSS module. I asked him if he liked our week. The answer was:

“It was great my friend. I hope to have another module with you guys. I love MBE”

This is our achievement.

I am proud that I belong in that great team of MBE. I am proud to cooperating with you my colleagues. I am proud for both our tutors that we have met until now.

Hope to keep improving our team.

November 20, 2010

Mental models…….

During my PMA studying I found really interesting one discipline of a LO according to Senge. Senge supports that we must break our mental models. Mental models are consolidated opinions that people have about life. In that way knowledge will be conveyed in the organization and the individual will change. That seems very easy. But if we think of it and analyze it more, it is not.

I accept and agree with Senge that everyone have consolidated opinions that keep people under control. My first question is how these opinions are created? In my opinion some critical factors are family, education, culture of the country and society. All these create a person¢s opinions about life. Some of them have negative impact in a person¢s character.  From this we can assume that people from different countries have different characters. Again variation is part of our life.

The second question which derives from the previous one is “who has correct opinions and who has wrong”? I do not believe in right and wrong. I cannot thing something that is objectively right or wrong. If you have any ideas please you are welcome. For example in my country it is common for people kissing when they meet. On other countries this is a cause for going to prison or even worse for execution.  Who is correct and who is wrong on that. People from those countries see that penalties as normal but people from my country believe that it is insane.

According to my interpretation, Senge propose to be open-minded and try to judge things as objectively as possible. But this is very difficult. The solution to that is Knowledge. It seems that there is a dynamic approach between mental models and knowledge. You must break your Mental Models in order to get knowledge but on the same time knowledge helps you to break your mental models.

I do not know if there is any easy solution for breaking you mental models. It is very difficult to separate yourself from what society, religion and family imposes as "good" But I believe that freedom of the spirit is the only way to be open minded. And the path to freedom is difficult. Things may be different from what we know as right......... Just be brave to do a step forward....

“Virtue and courage are necessary to achieve freedom” (Kalvos Greek poet.)

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