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October 31, 2010

Cleaners are not our servants

On Friday, after the end of the lesson I stayed on the classroom because I had work on my PC. What I noticed is that the classroom was messy. The view was cups of coffee on the tables and chairs in disorder. In my mind came what Paul said about flipping over the Pyramid in order to empower people. Why we should not help the cleaners to their Job in order to make them happy to work. In that way we will have better environment to work in.

Imagine the cleaners getting on the class and see all that messy. Probably they will not have the greatest psychology to do their work and clean the classroom. We do neither motivate nor help them. On the other hand if they see a classroom without cups on the tables and the chairs in order they will be willing to do their best in order to clean the classroom.

So please next time every one of us take its cup of coffee and put the chair in order. Help the cleaners by doing this minimum act. One cup and one chair for each of us is nothing. Twenty cups and chairs for one cleaner is tiredness. Imagine this happening in 100 classrooms. If you were cleaner, wouldn't you be happy if you faced an attitude like that towards you?

Deming says System thinking. Just think of the system.

Crises are created by the overestimation of our needs.

The global economic condition is awful. Every one says that we have economic crisis. But how did this happen? Is it an economic crisis?

I do not believe that this is an economic crisis. It is social and cultural crisis. There is lack of values and principles. People are bought as we said on the class. We compromise. We do everything for money. We believe that tangible goods bring happiness, while the more we have the less happiness we feel.

No I do not believe that there is lack of money. In my opinion we have crossed cross the limits. The reason why I state this is a movie that I saw today. It is a Greek movie of 61 year that describes the problem that people had in that time. While I was seeing all that despair, I thought “If we had given all that we have now to them they would have been happy” So the same goods give happiness to people of that age but they do not give to us now. That is weird….

I do not say that life standards should be as they were 50 years ago. We should have improvement. But I believe that we overreact. I have attached the video in order to see the difference. These are scenes of the movie (the song is Greek, just focus on scenes).

To sum up I would like to say that we have done over-consumerism way of life. We are showing power through possessing goods. But does this make us happy? Indeed, crises are created by the overestimation of our needs.

October 30, 2010

SOPK….. Utopian or not?

This was a main argument on my team…. Is the system of profound knowledge (SOPK) a utopia?

I am thinking of that all the time. I open philosophic books and I ask people for their opinion in order to answer that question. Today I think that I found a good argument why it is not a utopia.

An utopia is anything that cannot implemented. But i have lived in a system based on the principles of the SOPK. Our previous week was based on SOPK.

Think of it:

As individuals we were an example for the others through our hard work, we listened to the others opinions with critical attitude, we conveyed the knowledge in order to teach the others and we helped the others to break their mental models (SENGE) from the past.

As a system we had system thinking especially on the seminars. There was variation that we perceived it as normal. We build knowledge on the theory and we had purpose to everything we did. We were motivated from internal principles and not from external awards…….

The climate that Paul has created was a climate of SOPK…..

How can be a utopia if we have lived in that? So let's go outside and develop it in our lives, families, society, churches, hospitals, friends, factories, parties, foundations, charities, football matches, etc……………..

PS: Thank you Paul. Thank you my colleagues.


i was thinking how i can define subjectivity and a book came to my hands.... I propose you to read it:

Luigi Piradello

"Right you are, if you think you are"

After the class…

After the class…

We got such a lot of thought this week that I feel tired. Today we have finished the lectures and our dear (president) has arranged a meeting on Varsity. We were a lot of people there talking about our experiences from that week and a lot of other things.

What came to a surprise for me was that a member of my team hugged me and called me friend. To be clear I feel him as friend too. The problem is that during the models we were fighting all the time about the answers. Our views were so different that our nicknames were Deming boy for me and Drucker boy for him. He was always focused on the results while I was focused on the processes. Despite that there was that fight between theory and practice we still consider each other friend…..

Through all that Paul came to my mind. Have you thought that he never answered to our thoughts with “no”. Even if he disagreed, he was telling “ok, yes but…..” There is no wrong and no right in that world. Wrong and right must be considered under subjectivity.

I think that in that case Paul displayed us what Deming said:

“Be a good listener but never compromise”

If we understand that the other has the right to have his opinion, like in our team with me and the other member, we will create a better world where arguing will not me a reason for fight but for improvement. There will be no competitiveness but only collaboration……

PS: I want to thank me team, all the other colleagues, and of course Paul for that week-journey….

Also I would like to say that we have to think a little bit the people on Indonesia that are under difficult conditions now. Our thoughts and our love is with them…….

October 28, 2010

Compromise or not??

What a discussion my colleagues………I am so exciting. First of all I would like to thank everyone in the class for giving me the opportunity to be a member of the discussion that we had today after the lunch.

I will like to point out that some people seemed that they did not agree with what Paul said about compromise and reject your values. But the big question is what are more precious principles and ideas or money and tangible goods?

For example a very rich man who has a lot of money and goods will be remembered in 100 years? On the other hand can we ever forget Aristotle (Greece) or Gandy (India) or Camus (France) or Einstein (German), etc……..? Can the Japanese ever forget Deming and Juran? All of that people chase their dreams, not the money! I am not saying that should be a goal to be written in the history. Hitler was written too……. But it will be good if people after you remember you as a great person with values………..

During the discussion, one part of the Film V for Vendetta came to my mind. (Dedicated to the Guy Fawkes, you should see that movie if you didn¢t). A man was shooting at V but he didn¢t die. Then he asked him why don¢t you die…..And the answer was:

“Beyond that mask there is more than flesh…..Beyond that mask there is an idea……And ideas are bulletproof”

October 26, 2010

First Day of presentations for B group. Angry and sad……..

Today we had the first presentations. I went to the MBE ready to display my work and happy because I would hear different opinions than mine. This turned to be an utopia. At the end of the day I was sad and angry. I think that the presentations can be a much better experience that the today ones.

This is not because of my teams¢ efficiency. We had our positives and our negatives. I gathered a lot of stuff for areas of improvement. But that is good. We will be improved and learn…… Happyyyyyyy…..!!!!!

On the contrary I was disappointed from the team spirit in the classroom. To be more precise I was presenting today and I had questions from the others. But it wasn¢t the same from all of my colleagues. This was an experience to other members too, not only to me.

On the one hand I had questions for clarification or for critique in order to challenge me and make me thing more about what I was presenting. This questions (it was 2 I think) ended with a thank you and the person who asked was showing that it was equal with me and that he tries to learn with me…….

On the other hand there were people who asked with the aim of finding a drawback on your work and through that they tried to display their superiority. They were asking with a competitive style. Why? At the end of the question they were showing to the presenter that they didn't understand its answer. (Sad and angry)

Message to everyone with this attitude:

My friend I know that I am not perfect but neither do you. I do not want to be the best. The only I want is to learn the most. You can keep for yourself the first place in this year race. I see the race as a journey. If you do not brake your mental models (SENGE, we learned that today) you will not change. You do not know everything…… Please change your attitude, for your own good…… If you keep like that you will stay alone….. This is worse than not being in the first place………


P.S. I feel better now.

October 25, 2010

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

What a great experience. It was a simulation of real life on business. Of course there was restrictions like that we didn't know the organization or shortage of time but it was really close to the reality.

The result that I want to point out is not about the positives and the areas of improvement. Despite the fact that these are very important I think the meaning came from a "special cause" as people in Total Quality Management say. The most important was that some members were absent. What I realize from that is, even if one person is away the team cannot work. In my case I was the General Manager (lucky) and tried in vain to control the discussion. I was trying to keep a consecutive flow but when it was necessary the members of the team that were absent to express opinion the entire plan was collapsing. Then interruptions from the others were taking place and the process was out of control.

The sum up is that every member in a meeting or in an organization is necessary to the same level. Is like a chain with rings. If one ring is missing the chain will broke and the game will be lost. Also, of course the General Manager is the strongest ring, but if you pull the chain it will break in the weakest ring. So everyone is of same importance and managers must take care to the weakest ones.

Meetings, meetings, meetings but all must be there.

October 24, 2010

How do we monitor progress on the journey to excellence?

An organization will achieve excellence only if it has a vision and every member of the organization is committed with it. This assumes a systematic operation. For that reason the organization must facilitate people to achieve personal goals that can contribute to the system¢s goal. This can be done through inspired leadership, process management approach, good partnerships and learning culture. Al these will have as a result continuous. And continuous improvement is correlated with progress. A great tool to implement and measure all that is the EFQM model.

To conclude with, I believe that these are the main element factors in which we have to focus in order to monitor progress on the journey to Excellence.

October 23, 2010

MBE: Implementation of the theory

I am studying for the Learning Organizations. I can say that I have realized a lot of things among of which is the perfection of MBE.

Universities are organizations who convey knowledge. So we can speak that one crucial process is “learning”. That means that universities have to be Learning Organizations which will facilitate its members to learn.

Are the universities complying with that rule?

My previous one wasn¢t. In the most of my subjects I was listening to a tutor. I was a pathetic student. In MBE I feel different. I feel creativity inside of me that make me energetic. I want to learn more and MBE assists me.

This is a Learning Organization.

Thank you MBE……………………

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