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March 31, 2011

Is that life……… Is at the end all about Deming?

I told to Paul today : Paul this is the most difficult module we ever got. He answered: Good. It was funny……….. The reality is that KBAM is huge……. Everything that a company could manage is there……….. It is all the supplier and resource criterion of EFQM as well as its interactions with the rest (which have been covered on the other modules……….. People have been covered in Leadership and will be covered in OPP as well) . ....

My point here is that I was looking at Paul who was explaining what we have to do on the mini project. . . He clearly told that it should be practical. But he also implied that you have to apply knowledge………… In my mind reactions have been created with real life…… Do companies apply knowledge……? I am sure that SMEs do not; this is what I have found out in my project. . . .I do not know if large do so but if they do I think they do it wrong (a lot of financial things for my taste). Knowledge is the fundamental aspect of people. People are the fundamental aspect of companies. . . SO knowledge becomes fundamental aspect of organizations. . . . . . Lack of knowledge could have bad outcomes . . . . .SMEs for example does not utilize knowledge and this is why they remain SMEs. .. Without knowledge no potentiality for expansion……….

Is that what we have to do? Do we have to apply knowledge into practice? Does knowledge show a better way? I am pretty sure about that. . . . . . . . . . . I believe in knowledge……….. Knowledge makes you think. Knowledge give you the alternative way…………………. At the end of the day all lead to the Deming:

“Be guided by theory. There is no substitute for knowledge.”

March 30, 2011

The Decision making process of Standard and Poor. .. .Politics and Europe in collapse. .

I am really wondering according to which decision tools this companies are taking the decision to upgrade or downgrade a country or an organization. . . The standard and Poor downgraded Greece two levels. . . . I do not say that we have good economy but it was unfair because we do everything we have to do, and really there are people suffering back there……. . . The point is that we really try and everyone has admitted that. . . Despite that they downgraded as again. . . Is that logical? Is that corruption ? Is there financial games of powerful people? I do not know. But I can say that it is not correct……… Probably they are subjected to bias. They say, so many years they have done nothing, why they do now. . . However the things are different. . . .

Which tools they use? Do they have any deep analysis of the economy or simply they analyze some financial data? Financial analysis is not enough. In the case of Greece apart from the finance which are really bad, there some benefits as well. While we were used every month to have a big scandal, with the last government we have 0 scandals for 1.5 years. You may think what is he saying, but no for Greece this is a record. Do they consider that. It is an improvement. Also a lot of laws are constituted. For example today the gorment presented a plan for transforming the school which reming me exactly what we in MBE…. Really it was perfect. . . . Nothing by hurt from now on. . . Also, do they take into consideration other factors like human or innovation. . . At the end of the day who assess them? What are they Gods? No they are not. .. .

They are some idiot people that doing what their bosses say. Think of it. All those assessment organizations were assessing before three years all the countries as perfect. Even Greece (ahahahaha). Personally three years ago, I believed that the country is going to collapse. . I will create Vagelis is Poor (assessment organization) since I am better than they are.. . . Come one it is stupid.

Now the same organizations take advantage of the economic crisis to make moeny. If they were so great organizations and really can understand when an economy is bad or good why they haven¢t foreseen the economic crisis. . . Is all that games from the system? Probably. . . . The bias is there,caused by feelings towards some specific people that those organizations support. . . .

Portugal is on the game now and I think that if European Union do not understand that it should operate as a system there will be few choices left. . . And the main fault is Germany¢s. . . Before one year when our prime minister said that it is a European problem apart from a Greek one this girl, it is girl (Angela Merkel) was saying no you were lazy. We know that we were lazy (it wasn¢t people fault, the Greek system was really bad), we self assess our selves madam. But now there is a European problem. .. Now what? If they have taken some actions faster probably now Portugal would have been safe. At least they have realized that now. . .

KBAM allocation of work. . . . . .

I suppose that every team realized that allocating the work in KBAM is fundamental . . . . . None can do all that in two weeks. . . Also there are PMAs and project (MY GOD)… However the big question that I faced when I tried to do that is according to which criterion we allocate the tasks!!!!!!!!!

At the beginning I thought of what Paul said as in leadership “Has the leader checked the backgrounds and abilities of the members”. I was ready to ask who has background in maintenance and give him that topic. . . However I said here we are for learning and by allocating in that way the team members will not benefit. . . . .  . Which is the topic you like to take . . . .? ? Which will make you happy to read for . . .? Lucas (LUCY) picked health and safety because it is close to her project. .. . The outcome was good. Everyone was happy and I came up with a topic that I have no idea of……….Maintenance. . . But I am studying and I will manage to understand it. . . .

What was that……? Some philosophical thinking.

Today I went to Varsity for food. . . In the next table there was a mother with her kid. . . As all the kids in the age of 4-5, he made noise…..

The noise was not so bad it was a happy voice of a poor child that the only think he has in his mind was to ask and express himself. He didn¢t how to do it. This is why he had these reactions.... At this age everything is strange for a child. .. .I want to learn is what his movement told me. I was ready to play with him. .It was cute and amazing. .

However it seems that someone didn¢t like that noise and make complaints to the person working there. So a big guy went to the mother and said her to tell the kid to stop. I wasn¢t surprised. In my opinion people are not bothered by the voice of a child but rather they feel envy for children. You see by becoming part of the system makes you act like that. . . Tight inside your expensive suit (which depicts the social power you have) you are acting according to the rules. ... . The system took away this childish freedom. . . We have to make money. . This is your aim people of the system. Do your best to make money. Do your best to rule. . This is your power. . . .

But there is something worse. The reaction of the mother really made me sick. He just took out of the wallet 5 pounds and told to the four years old children “look what I got for you”. The children seemed to be familiar with that kind of ruling. . So he took that and stopped making noise. .. . It “happened” to read Deming¢s book (ahahaha) so I turned back to SoPK and show his example. He describes exactly that. . . . This is how extrinsic motivation is created. Today this child will seek as we do the money. . . And he will be sad. . The worst of all is that leaders will blame their people while it is not their fault. Leaders may have treated like that in their children. It is the system not the people……………

Can we understand that? Should the principles of excellence and Leadership be applied in our family? Should MBE be a way of thinking and acting?

So many questions and the asset management is on the corner!!!!!!!!!1

Wiki and Blogs in organizations. . . . . .

As always before go to bed it is time for 20 minutes blogging……. Reading what colleagues have written comment on them and if you have an idea write yours………….. Today after reading some I got something that gave me a lot of ideas for the future. . .

Knowledge management. There is no substitute for knowledge. Grandmothers tell to their grand children to study because this will give them power. I have studied an article proposing that wikis and blogs should be implemented in organizations since they support the learning process. They are a part of knowledge management.

I have experienced this today. I read some blogs of the members of the group of KBAM that I am a leader. It was amazing that I have learned how they feel. I analyzed what they are writing and find areas for improvement in my approach. I can also propose to them some areas for improvement. Is that sharing information? Have I interpret this information and created knowledge? Is that a part of knowledge management? Can this improve the efficiency of an organization?

All these questions came to my mind. Definitely help the leader to understand things. Why not calling meetings and use the ideas combined with data for taking decisions? I think blogs in an organization can provide a lot of benefits. It is one of the first things that I will implement when I will start. Even if it requires doing it from my budget. . . . . .

PS: It is amazing how KBAM-Leadership-RDM are overlapping. . . . . EFQM philosophy. . .

March 29, 2011

First meeting of KBAM…How to lead?

First meeting of KBAM…How to lead?“We are lost in data. In our case data is worse than space”.

A lot of things there. However it seems to be really exciting. To be more precise I really liked the fact that I could utilize what I have learnt in previous modules. For example I have been a little bit earlier in the room and I was thinking which should be the best style to lead. I just used the Vroom and Yetton model. . . . . The model showed me the way “Delegate the meeting”. .. . I really didn¢t know anything about the topic. So it was the best choice.

I just let my colleagues speak and develop ideas. I have to say here that the members are great….. Our team is top. . . . The outcome was to understand how this Project works and know what we have to do. We allocated the job and set the new meeting. Now we have to coordinate our efforts. This is crucial since some of the asset management theories are overlapping. . I am really pleased that I utilized effectively one of the things that i learnt here. When I will go back in Greece definitely it will be the best opportunity to utilize the theory.

I hope that my colleagues enjoyed this day as much as I did………… Feedback is always welcomed………………….

This is Leadership…………The drawbacks of an autocratic leader

I was thinking of that all night………… I was studying yesterday at 12 when I got two mails from the tutors…………. All of us got the same mails, it was about scores and access to KBAM.

What I have thought was that our tutors work until 12 like we do. Then I correlated that to real life. First of all it is amazing. .... This is what Deming says “Set an example”. The question is that do the leaders in organizations the same? I think that some of them yes but the majority no. . . . It is again about coaching and leading towards the mission and not measuring only the results. . . .I believe that leaders should give the example. Lead by example in other words. . .

I linked that with something that happened during the module. When we had our first exercise that Paul set the styles which leaders will follow it turned out to be that the autocratic style was the most productive. My question was for how long? Is that sustainable? Paul added to that the following:

“They can finish earlier and then go for a coffee”

While this would be the right choice I doubt if this is the case in real world. I have the impression that most of the leaders under the pressure of fast results will act as autocratic leaders and then instead of letting people go for a coffee or call it a day, they will give them another task and another etc…………… Yeah it is that you have to go for a sprint not for a marathon………. The problem is that when the soldier, called Fidipidis, run the Marathon distance, to say to ancient Athenians we won the battle, did like a sprint and then died. . . . It is the same with employees. If they try to do a Marathon like a sprint they will not sustain it.

The first five times it might work but after a point this will turn against the leader. . . Is that why sustainability has been vanished?????? I do not know…………. What I know is that people are not like machines. While you can make machines work as a system (Appreciation of a system), you can control machine¢s variation (Knowledge about variation), you can apply knowledge to their operation (theory of knowledge), you will never be able to implement the Psychology aspect. . . This is the fundamental aspect of people¢s management. . . They are human beings.

Is autocratic leader taking that into consideration?

The absolute source of moderation of a decision…The father

I was thinking a lot of days what is the source that may moderate a decision……… Everything affects the decision, I am aware of that but I wanted to find the absolute cause. While i see everything through the eyes of variation (Thank you God Shewhart for creating this chart - Thank you God Deming for making it management Method),I wanted to find the special cause that can fundamentally change a decision.

Well the answer that came in my mind this morning, is that the absolute cause is CORRUPTION. I do not know if corruption that can be considered as bias, it probably cannot, but I know that it can fundamentally change a decision……Think of that, some powerful people know that their decisions are not for the interest of their people but still they go for those decisions. Isn¢t it a disaster? To know you are going wrong, regarding to your people¢s interest, and because you want to satisfy some bastards (sorry for that, you can cut it) you change your mind. ………. A great example of that took place in my country:

The previous government (never come again, I do not want to remember of them) was the meaning of corruption. If someone who writes a vocabulary wants to define the word corruption he can put “look at Greek Government 2004-2009”. Their decisions were fundamentally wrong. The results are apparent; we have the worst economy among the developed countries. I doubt if we are developed. Just read what they have done. The swap a lake and some land of Greece with the church of the country for nothing…………. How they decided that? What was the motivation. . . . One of the members said I have mental links with that father (priest) Is this bias or stupidity?………..

Well Greek political history is full of those kind of “mistakes”…………………… There were a lot of personal feelings about priests or friends who took a lot of money. Thus a lot of bias in the decisions…….. I prefer however calling that corruption………………However i do not blame them, the system is wrong. . . I blame the people who had the power and didn¢t change it. Who of us in their case wouldn¢t have taken money this is what the system taught us (Seek money)….

The question is for how long this will go on? The world is on its limits. The system cannot sustain decisions that are based on corruption. . . We as the leaders of tomorrow have to think of that………………

March 28, 2011

Leadership through Knowledge management…….

I am fun of knowledge……… I read all the time, not for the university but mainly books about philosophy or novels…..…. I like it. I always like to learn something new. Thus knowledge management is one of my favorite aspects. I really do not know a lot about it. I had just touch the topic for my dissertation (authors say that can do miracles in SMEs.. . . .

Well my point is that when Paul said “who want to lead?” I thought that this is a gift….. However I was expecting to face more competition by my colleagues. I thought that everyone would want to take this challenge. Lead in a module……… It is awesome…… I am not only looking forward to do that but also I want to take up the responsibility. Because at the end of the day if the team fails it is leaders fault. If the team succeeds it is the team¢s achievement…..

Also what it is really fascinating is that I went through the leadership PMA and studied a lot of theories. Personally I am more than satisfied with the combination of theories that I came up with. So it is a good opportunity to implement the theories that we chose. For example I came up against servant leadership. I have to say that I found what I wanted…… it is the style made for me……… I always have been like that but I thought it was a weakness. No I learnt how to transform it into a powerful weapon. It is based on values and philosophy. I definitely say that I have achieved that. I cannot say that I am based on values and I think in terms of philosophy. It is too early for that. However this is what I am trying to achieve. This is what I want to do……………..

Because at the end of the day life is about dedication to the fellow……………

March 26, 2011

Ethics the fundamental aspect of leadership…………….

Be a good leader…. Be the best leader. . . . Be influential leader….. All these can lead in success….. A lot of questions arise here. Is good leadership enough? No it is not. . .

The fundamental aspect of leadership is ethics. If we have this basis then influential leadership can do miracles. . .. . There are a lot of influential leaders in that world. Also, leaders lead towards the new. So why it doesn¢t work? The answer that I can give is because they are not based on ethics. Do the best as we know is not enough. First know what to do and the do your best is the right.

We as leaders must act in the concept of truth. Love our colleague not have business relationships with them. An ancient Greek philosopher has said if we manage to love the strangers, we will be close to perfection. Let me quote a phrase of my favorite movie on that (V for Vendetta):

“I do not know you and probably I will never meet you. But I want you to know that I love you”.

We, in our organizations, as leaders will not only influence our profitability but also the whole society. It is like links. We affect the employee he affects his family, the family members their friends and relatives and go on. Of course the power of influence as the links go further is reduced but still there is influence. It is again about appreciation of a system or system thinking if you wish to quote Senge.. . . We have to think this perspective when we will be the leaders of tomorrow . . . .. .

Selfish is not there when we speak about true leaders. Values and ethics take its place. It is about sacrificing you self for the common good. This is how I see leaders and that is what I will do. Leaders know to forgive and blame their selves. Blame always their selves because they have the power to manage that. Blaming their people will be a disaster. In other words forgiveness is the power of the strong not of the weak as Gandhi said.

May I conclude with one quotation that I have found in one of my books:

A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world.

“Albert Camus”

It is so true especially when you are a leader (the same for women as well)............

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