May 18, 2011

Variation on information interpretation . . . How we differentiate ourselves from the others?

There was an era when having internet in your company was a competitive advantage by itself... However in our days internet is a necessity or else a must. . . . Think that in Kano¢s model of needs . .... .

So how you can gain competitive advantage, in manipulating and exploiting the infinite sources of information? I think it is the process itself and not the IT support. . . .In KM terms it is the soft aspect (people, culture, structure) rather the hard aspect of KM. This is why in my eyes organizations should focus more on people than in IT when it comes to KM. . . . .

MBE learnt as how to search for information. Instead of providing us with lectures and offering us the knowledge, out tutors gave us the driving forces supported as and let us search for knowledge by ourselves. ,. . . . I think this is a success that can highly be attributed to MBE culture. . . .

We tomorrow will find easier to search for info than other students of traditional courses. . Again MBE is different and made us different as well……….. Also we have learnt how to filter this info. . . Paul today said our problem is that we have a lot of information available and easy accessible………………. Yap we can find anything any time we wish……. Then the thing that will differentiate us from the rest is the way we translate the same information into knowledge ……..

This differentiation some of us will call it competitive advantage. I prefer to call it variation necessary for improving the whole system….. :P

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  1. Hi, my friend, thanks for this passionate blog. Yes, we need soft system thinking and soft aspects instead of hard aspects. How to let the same information to say different language? It is a challenge but interesting. Thanks for blogging this .

    18 May 2011, 22:27

  2. I agree with about 95% of what you said, and especially that people should be focused on when improving KM, but I don’t think you should underestimate the importance of good IT support for this. Many firms can build a short-term competitive advantage out of good IT systems and software which can be a very important push.

    So many larger businesses now operate with team members from different functions working on the same project, but also having to communicate with others in different projects within their own functions, as well as supervisors and subordinates. I think this is quite necessary in terms of helping all people to understand and appreciate the overall system. Task like this are virtually impossible without good ‘hard’ KM systems. To give an example, BT (and probably many others) use a piece of software called Salesforce. People from Marketing use it to make the rest of Sales aware of any potential deals. Sales use it to receive this information, and approach customers. Supervisors/directors can all keep track of this if necessary. I’m sure there is a lot more scope in terms of who else within a company might use it. The point is, it is impossible to manage all this data effectively between many people without good IT. Of course, people still need to be trained to use it correctly and know what to look for, but if you replaced it with software that was more confusing, or harder to use, the business would almost certainly suffer as a result.

    You make a really good point about gaining a competitive advantage through knowledge though, and we are definitely well-placed to do this!

    19 May 2011, 14:47

  3. Yeap Yanik i agree with you…........ Sorry for not making clear…. I believe that a good IT system can support KM…... I just wanted to point out that in my eyes the focus should be on people. I didn’t mean that IT doesn’t offer benefits…............ Tools are for making our life easier. . . .:P

    19 May 2011, 14:51

  4. Guys,
    I appreciate your point. To add to this discussion, there is a need of ‘people’s aspect’ in developing super-efficient IT support. If I am an IT provider, I have no idea about the assets and the troubles you have with them. I need to know exactly what you want, for me to encode it.
    It is the same as tansfering tacit knowledge to explicit. An IT provider is an expert in encoding to explicit knowledge, but the tacit knowledge has to be transferred to her/him very accurately. This is way too easiy said than done.
    I have once been a part of a software development team for a pathology lab. It gets really tough to entap exactly what the information needs of the end user are..

    19 May 2011, 15:19

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