April 08, 2011

The only sustainable competitive advantage is Cooperation. . . . .

What I get form this morning presentation is that no one has the answer. The module was huge as problems in real life will be. So who was right and who was wrong? Is it again bias of our assumptions that made those presentations so different? I really do not have the answer on that but what I am sure for is that if we combine all of our presentations we will have a powerful result. This clear reveals to me that in a team or if you wish in an organization everyone has to express opinions and say what really believes so that we can develop synergy.
I will link that with one phrase of Adam Smith (personally I do not like his opinions come on invisible hand?) who has said that “You should think in short term. In long term you are dead”. What an idiot phrase. Is similar to the one “do whatever is necessary to be competitive in short term without thinking in long term”. Personally I believe that looking the world from its own eyes is the meaning of vanity. World's system is fundamentally wrong. If it wasn't, there would not be so many people in poverty. . .. .

I really believe that the only sustainable competitive advantage is cooperation. This was clearly proved today in our presentation. All together we would have a great result. By transferring that in real life we can say that in our class we would fight for the tangible benefits and awards. This would have led us to forget the benefits of cooperation and beat our colleague for the money and glory. Where this would lead? Nowhere. In short term the best one will take the benefits in long term everyone will lose. Now I will quote Deming “by working in a team you may not get a hit”. That is true so the question is that do we work for the system or we work in the system for our own selves? ????? Let answer that.

I really do not like phrases like I see the world through the eyes of reality and try to compete. When we will finally understand that the seeking of money and glory will lead in Vanity.

Bastard system you have transformed people in animals.

The unbearable lightness of human being. .. . . . .

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  1. That is why beautiful idea was always frustrated….....

    08 Apr 2011, 22:58

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