April 24, 2011

The loss of Knowledge. . . . . . .

A lot of authors have pointed out the importance of Knowledge and consequently Knowledge Management in organization. What seemed in my eyes interesting is that most of the authors point out the problem of loss of Knowledge when employees abandon the company or fired.

First of all generally I am against the mobility of managers or employs. In my eyes this creates disastrous effects. However in the current system this mobility is a reality for various reasons that exceed the scope of that blog.

So the importance of keeping knowledge safe, since Knowledge is something possessed by people is important. I remember something that happened in my previous company. The company had a designer who designed all the products that the company's products. He was the only one who knew how to do it and how to use the software design systems. However one morning he decided to leave the company without saying anything. He took with him all the data as well. In that way the company was left with no data and none to know how to design. Since the process was too complicate someone had to be trained by specialists in that field. . . . . The training cost 12000 Euros which is a considerable amount of money for a small Greek company. . . . . Add the cost of time that the company stayed without a designer. .. .Add the data that was lost. . . . . It was a disaster for that company. . . .

However in my eyes the fault was not of the person that left but of management. Management should have predicted something like that. Also I cannot understand why such a core process in that company should be understandable only by one person. . . . . . Why Knowledge management didn't take place. . . .

However this is why we are here. We learn so that we can avoid problems. We gain knowledge. . . .The power of knowledge. . . .

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  1. Hi, Vagelis. I agree with you. I do not like mobility as well. So I changed my plan to go home instead of a short trip, because it is hard for me to leave them within two weeks.
    As you mentioned, I think that guy is not a good employee. I have ever learned software engineering, so I can totally understand how terrible at that time when that guy leave away without leaving any data. What he did is lack of professionalism. He can go away, but the data belongs to that company, this is a default basic moral in software industry, except his own invention programs.
    In organizations, actually leaders dislike the mobility, in particular some core technology people’s mobility.That is not good for organizations’ sustainable development. I am thinking you mentioned knowledge management…how to resolve this kind of problems by knowledge management….

    24 Apr 2011, 18:23

  2. I totally agree with you. In the trading industry, a company will close because the major salesman leave and carry out all customer data. “Manager” does not totally mean “Leader”. Thus, when they cannot predicate and prevent problems, the risk will be developed as time.

    24 Apr 2011, 23:24

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