June 03, 2011

SoPK for our PMAs and project………….

I was thinking which is the best way to face a PMA……….. After nine months in MBE when I am trying to answer a question I first look it through the eyes of SoPK (I love it)………………… So the same took place here as well.

What really should happen when we face a PMA are the following four categories of questions. We ask ourselves:

·        “Which are the world theories that have been developed in respect to our PMA¢s topic?” Then we ask ourselves “How this theories could be applied in the specific case of our question so that the cycle of knowledge could be developed and answer the PMA?”

·        What are the differences on the theories out there? Can we understand variation? Are all of them inside the limits or there is a special cause opinion? What the different approaches support and how the special causes- theories break the rules?

·        Can the different theories and contradictions be utilized under the concept of a common system so that they could develop a unite force, despite the differences, that will answer the PMA? How we critically assess and combine those theories so that we can create a complete and homogenous answer?

·        How these theories have been applied and how they have affected people¢s psychology? Did they have positive or negative outcome in their application in respect to the core asset of organizations named people? How this could affect our case?

Of course we should not forget that everything starts with personal transformation and if we are not ready to accept the challenge we will fail despite the correct application of SoPK in our work………

Also by correcting the bias of scale this principles could be applied in our project as well . . . .

Keep on blogging guys we learn a lot from that … … … … ..

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  1. If some question with no specific case , isn’t it worth to research? .....If we do not research it , how do we know it cannot be resolved? .....PMA must have a certain answer? .....
    we need special theories to break the rules, but it is fewer, and it is hard to find them.
    Shouldn’t we face up a negative answer if that is a fact ? ....
    Thanks post here.

    04 Jun 2011, 20:23

  2. Vagelis,
    I’d say a brilliant portrayal of the PMA understanding tha you’ve generated. Indeed we always do this,but could have never thought of linking it to SoPK in my wildest dreams! And yes, it does indeed mae a lot of sense in terms of the project as well.. It will help us think critically and evaluate in each of these grounds..
    Thanks for sharing this..

    06 Jun 2011, 01:51

  3. :)

    06 Jun 2011, 08:24

  4. I wanted to click a like button but it’s not here :P.
    Thanks for your idea and motivation! :)

    08 Jun 2011, 12:34

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