April 12, 2011

Management of change a great module

MOC is really amazing. You learn a lot which most of them is about yourself. Stop blaming was today¢s module about. Take responsibility of you actions. I strongly support that. And I believe that everyone should be thinking like that. Everyone is responsible and has to face the outcome of his/her actions and decisions.

First of all we live in a system that by itself it is unfair. Dee today told me that I am defensive and more or less I always say that the system is unfair. I am doing that not for avoiding my responsibilities but to show that within that system we cannot say whose fault is something. In other words the annual merit system doesn¢t work. However the system is based on that to promote and fire people. Is that fair. . . . ?

Ok the point is that in the current system we operate and we have to adapt (not absorbed by it). This will give us the opportunity to change it and in that concept yes we should take on our responsibilities. So in that way I absolutely agree with Dee who is totally right when she is saying you are not with your mother now, take on responsibilities and stop blaming. . .

Also we say the change steps which have already been taught by the awesome Graeme. And after that we went through the simulation. The results were worse than yesterday . . . hahahaha. No continuous improvement philosophy. Thus I went to my manager and tried to speak to him. I told him I do not think “we” are doing it right. “We” should change this and this. The answer was: do not tell me what “I” has to do “I” is your boss. He is not leading any more. He is using positional power.

However I cannot argue with anyone. I know this is my drawback I have to become stronger and understand that sometimes you have to be bad with the other. However I cannot harm anyone. I am too weak to do that. I stop speaking and trying to sell as more possible. The problem is that if you are doing your best in a system that is wrong as the system in our organization you cannot achieve a lot. “Your best efforts are not enough”.

So after the simulation we had a dialogue for what was going on. . . . . . . . . . . I indirectly explained the answer of my manager (described above) to the class by putting it in a more general concept like it is happening in real life. I didn't want to blame him directly and make him understand its fault. Dee told that this is a bad habit of managers. My manager told me “I am not treating you like that”. Ahahahah.Come on you told me that 4 hours ago and you do not remember it. 

I do not say, I have done a lot of mistakes as well. For example I went twice without sample of the product to sell. . . . . . I was putting pressure on the guys for dispatching. I placed wrong order. . . In aditon i am open in telling more of my mistakes and promise i will do my best not to do them again. .. . . However i listen to the others and i am not treating them as dogs. . . . . . . 

Tomorrow I will try to speak him again if he answers me like that I am going on strike. And I am a Greek I know how to do that. . . . haahahah. Also I will buy him a bood of Deming or show him a video of him on youtube. . ..  .

He miss of MBe culture. . . . We learned to include people in management. Also we learnt to accpet the responsibility of our selves as leaders. . . Because in my eyes any change as quality improvement programmes starts from the top. .. . . (Crosby)

Enjoy it. I feel relaxed when i am watching it. .. . . I see hope in that world. . . .


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  1. Vagelis,

    It was amazing for me to observe how people from different modules had acted and HOW people from MBE acted when I took MOC in FEB?..... the “we” or “everyone being involved” or “constantly reflecting and accepting the problem could be with me” ........ out of words! Lucky to be part of MBE! :)

    24 Apr 2011, 01:06

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