April 10, 2011

Health and Safety affects Product quality. A real example. . . . .

Two years ago I have been to an organization to analyze a problem that they had in terms of their product quality. I was working in CSR back then and my supervisor took with him in that organization for facilitating him.

The process was that a sheet of plastic was entering into a vacuum machine. The sheet was warming up and a mould was giving shape in the warm sheet.

After that the product was created and a cooler was cooling the sheet so that the operator can take the sheet out of the machine and cut the product from the whole sheet (Hope you understood the process).

The problem was that despite the cooling system the sheet was steel hot and the operator wasn't wearing gloves to grab the hot sheet. The boss had the belief that gloves will increase the time of production and thus the overall costs. I interviewed the boss to take that information and I interviewed the employ as well who told me that I cannot grab the sheet because it is too hot.

So the overall outcome was that the employee was letting the sheet in the machine more time that necessary. This affected as it is obvious the time aspect. However this was not the main problem. The sheet was under the special lamps that were creating the heat for more time. Despite the lamps were closed they still were warm and they were burning some sheets. So the surface of the product was not so good in terms of quality.

One of the solutions was to buy a new vacuum machine cost about 200000 Euros which will automatically put out of the vacuum a cold sheet ready to get cut. However the organization was a small Greek organization so there was no money for that investment. Thus, what I have proposed to that manager is to buy a pair of gloves and give it to the operator (cost 60euros). Only by that the percentage of fault products were dropped by 65%. . . . .

In my eyes this is a good example of how health and safety can improve the time of producing as well as the product quality. . . Also by thinking in a narrow minded perspective and do not consider all the alternatives can lead in poor judgments of the situation.

PS: Unfortunately I was a student and I did that for knowledge. No bonus on that . . . hehehehe

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  1. Hi, my friend. I do not understand the whole process now. I realized that I am lack of product knowledge…..
    But I was thinking your view ‘HS affects product quality’.......
    Does not the materials and designs affect the product quality ?......

    11 Apr 2011, 00:23

  2. Hi, my friend. H&S should be one of the responsibilities of leaders in organizations. If without H&S, how do people responsible for their work? If people do not responsible for their work, how to produce high quality of products? Yes, wonderful idea. But I still cannot understand the process, hahaha…..

    11 Apr 2011, 17:23

  3. hahaha yes Vagelis, I would do the same if I were in your sitation, Just for the knowledge :)

    17 Apr 2011, 23:29

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