May 17, 2011

Denationalization. . . . . A myth that will never become reality. . .. .

Economists are arguing if it is better companies belong to the state or to private interests. . . On one hand right-political thinkers support liberalization on the other hand socialists support a more controlled by the state economy. . . I was thinking of that debate, because they are asking from the Greek government to sell some of its property. I am speaking with a lot of people that have different arguments on this topic. Personally I find both sides' arguments valid and I cannot argue back. My “God” this is a contrast…………..

So what is the problem? Why both sides seem to have right arguments? I was thinking of it this morning. I see everything through the eyes of Deming's SoPK and this made me to come to a conclusion for this problem. It doesn't matter if a company belongs to the state or to private interests. If the style of management is the current one the same bad results will be a reality. It is an illusion that under a private interest a company has better results. This is because there is fear. As we know managing by fear will have short term gains but in long term there will be a disaster. . . . . It is again that the best efforts will not bring an outcome if you do not know what you have to do.

I cannot find any other solution in that conflict and I would be glad to hear arguments about it because I think it is a debate that play fundamental role in our life.

The problem is that economists and financial people, who apparently are ruling the world, do not see the cause of the problem. And as Deming himself have said to Americans in 1980s' “In that country management has destroyed its people” and this is in my eyes the problem of the world. On one hand in public interest companies, people are not utilized and are inefficient on the other hand in  private interest companies, people have a short term efficient period but in long term they become less efficient than the ones in the public sector. Furthermore in order the private interest to enhance its efficiency it starts firing its people and hiring others. Then we have what Deming called mobility of management which destroys the system as a whole……………

Change the management system starting from the top and going down in my eyes is the only way to get “Out of the crisis”…………..

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  1. But the top had always been sleeping, and they are still sleeping deeper. How to change it ? They do not feel uncomfortable, they feel fantastic about what they did or what they will do, that is their ‘ambitious’. How many individuals around the world like Osama bin Laden to against the evil and hegemony? How many individuals dare to choose the death like him ? Completely evaporated, without any land or stone belogs to hiim in the earth, just leaving only a ‘terrorist’.....How can we face up the world?...Am I pessimistic ?....Perhasp….

    17 May 2011, 12:35

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