April 26, 2011

Benefits from the MBE Knowledge community

Follow-up to MBE knowledge community. . . . . . . . . SOS see that. from Vagelis's blog

Today I had the first chat with proof. Jeff in respect of the idea for creating a Knowledge Community for MBE students. While it was in abstract level some good first thoughts were created. . . .

Is all that important? I am studying Knowledge management right now. My question is that:

“Why Deming called it System of Profound Knowledge” The most important philosophy at least in the area of management and business is something which name includes the word Knowledge. Also, it includes Knowledge as one of each part and without it nothing in that theory could work. . . . .

We have established a Wiki as a trial version so that we can develop ideas regarding the entire concept. My expectations are really high. All my motivation derives from the fact that MBE changed as by providing us “Knowledge” however if we take the master and leave it we really do not believe in what we learnt. Is like saying yeah that is all now work. However Excellence is a journey not a destination. Thus I consider fundamental to support our journey to excellence in terms of Knowledge.

I strongly believe that everyone will be benefited. We will be able to take more robust decisions. As Paul said me today what organizations do is that when we have a problem try to solve it with knowledge that there is internally in the company. However most of the times this knowledge is not enough. If it was enough probably there would be no problem at all. . . . . . It is our chance to create a community that will give us external knowledge so that we can take more robust decisions and manage our companies . ....Being better leaders because at the end of the day the captain of the ship looks at the sea and the stars so that it can say where the ship should go. . . . .. . .

Soon you will have a mail inviting you in the WIKI. . . . . . . I hope that all of you would find it interesting. . . . .

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  1. Vagelis, this is a great idea, and I want to thank you for being the driving force behind it. I really feel it has the potential to be of great benefit to those of us who choose to use it in the future. When we all go back out into the ‘real’ world, much as we try to keep our MBE ethos, there is no doubt that some of our organisations will lead us towards thinking more like them. While this is not a bad thing in itself, having a place to come back to, to remind ourselves of what we have learnt, or to get advice from others, will be fantastic.

    If anyone is not convinced enough to try it, here is an example I was thinking of. Imagine, you have a problem at work, you cannot work out what is wrong, or how to solve it. Everyone you work with thinks similarly to you, as you have worked on it together. But then, perhaps you come home, and log onto the wiki. You post your problem as a thread on a wiki, or create a new page if there’s a lot of background to go with it. Everyone is signed up to automatically get email alerts when someone posts to the wiki, so they see the email, and come to check it out. They give you their thoughts. It might be an answer to your problem, it might be push you to see it a different way, it might remind you of something you’ve missed, or forgotten from your MBE days. You can then apply this to the problem you were having, the next day, confident that you have a new solution to try, perhaps backed by your MBE peers. You get to use their suggestions, and it makes you look in your company too. They get to think about a challenging problem, and expand their awareness of a different country/market/company. Meanwhile, the discussion is recorded on the wiki for the benefit of everyone. WIN-WIN-WIN.

    I’m in :-)

    27 Apr 2011, 11:55

  2. My dear friend thank you for the support. . . . . . I am already setting up the trial WIKI. . . .

    As soon as i have the mail list with MBE students i will invite everyone to that WIKI. . ..

    No i am not the driving force behinfd it. All of us we are. Without the MBE culture i would have never thought of it. . . . . Criterion Leadership of EFQM (Shared Leadership i think?) :P

    27 Apr 2011, 12:09

  3. Hahaha….whether our thoughts could operate like a ball, we push it use a little force, and it runs so fast…...But perhaps sometimes we would forget the posts because of busy work. The students life is free and enjoyable, how about the reality work? ....Could we persist to post ?....Just some worries…No matter what, this is a beautiful idea!

    27 Apr 2011, 15:32

  4. Dear Yapin thank you ffor that support. . . . These wories are welcomed and will built the underpin culture that will lead the MBE community of Knowledge. . . . Thank you for contributing on that. . . .. .

    Let be the change we want to see in that world. . . .And in my eyes Knowledge can solve worlds problems. . . . . . .Especially Knowledge derived by pure philosophy. . . Lets do it. . . . .

    27 Apr 2011, 15:35

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