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October 31, 2010

Cleaners are not our servants

On Friday, after the end of the lesson I stayed on the classroom because I had work on my PC. What I noticed is that the classroom was messy. The view was cups of coffee on the tables and chairs in disorder. In my mind came what Paul said about flipping over the Pyramid in order to empower people. Why we should not help the cleaners to their Job in order to make them happy to work. In that way we will have better environment to work in.

Imagine the cleaners getting on the class and see all that messy. Probably they will not have the greatest psychology to do their work and clean the classroom. We do neither motivate nor help them. On the other hand if they see a classroom without cups on the tables and the chairs in order they will be willing to do their best in order to clean the classroom.

So please next time every one of us take its cup of coffee and put the chair in order. Help the cleaners by doing this minimum act. One cup and one chair for each of us is nothing. Twenty cups and chairs for one cleaner is tiredness. Imagine this happening in 100 classrooms. If you were cleaner, wouldn't you be happy if you faced an attitude like that towards you?

Deming says System thinking. Just think of the system.

Crises are created by the overestimation of our needs.

The global economic condition is awful. Every one says that we have economic crisis. But how did this happen? Is it an economic crisis?

I do not believe that this is an economic crisis. It is social and cultural crisis. There is lack of values and principles. People are bought as we said on the class. We compromise. We do everything for money. We believe that tangible goods bring happiness, while the more we have the less happiness we feel.

No I do not believe that there is lack of money. In my opinion we have crossed cross the limits. The reason why I state this is a movie that I saw today. It is a Greek movie of 61 year that describes the problem that people had in that time. While I was seeing all that despair, I thought “If we had given all that we have now to them they would have been happy” So the same goods give happiness to people of that age but they do not give to us now. That is weird….

I do not say that life standards should be as they were 50 years ago. We should have improvement. But I believe that we overreact. I have attached the video in order to see the difference. These are scenes of the movie (the song is Greek, just focus on scenes).

To sum up I would like to say that we have done over-consumerism way of life. We are showing power through possessing goods. But does this make us happy? Indeed, crises are created by the overestimation of our needs.

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