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October 30, 2010

SOPK….. Utopian or not?

This was a main argument on my team…. Is the system of profound knowledge (SOPK) a utopia?

I am thinking of that all the time. I open philosophic books and I ask people for their opinion in order to answer that question. Today I think that I found a good argument why it is not a utopia.

An utopia is anything that cannot implemented. But i have lived in a system based on the principles of the SOPK. Our previous week was based on SOPK.

Think of it:

As individuals we were an example for the others through our hard work, we listened to the others opinions with critical attitude, we conveyed the knowledge in order to teach the others and we helped the others to break their mental models (SENGE) from the past.

As a system we had system thinking especially on the seminars. There was variation that we perceived it as normal. We build knowledge on the theory and we had purpose to everything we did. We were motivated from internal principles and not from external awards…….

The climate that Paul has created was a climate of SOPK…..

How can be a utopia if we have lived in that? So let's go outside and develop it in our lives, families, society, churches, hospitals, friends, factories, parties, foundations, charities, football matches, etc……………..

PS: Thank you Paul. Thank you my colleagues.


i was thinking how i can define subjectivity and a book came to my hands.... I propose you to read it:

Luigi Piradello

"Right you are, if you think you are"

After the class…

After the class…

We got such a lot of thought this week that I feel tired. Today we have finished the lectures and our dear (president) has arranged a meeting on Varsity. We were a lot of people there talking about our experiences from that week and a lot of other things.

What came to a surprise for me was that a member of my team hugged me and called me friend. To be clear I feel him as friend too. The problem is that during the models we were fighting all the time about the answers. Our views were so different that our nicknames were Deming boy for me and Drucker boy for him. He was always focused on the results while I was focused on the processes. Despite that there was that fight between theory and practice we still consider each other friend…..

Through all that Paul came to my mind. Have you thought that he never answered to our thoughts with “no”. Even if he disagreed, he was telling “ok, yes but…..” There is no wrong and no right in that world. Wrong and right must be considered under subjectivity.

I think that in that case Paul displayed us what Deming said:

“Be a good listener but never compromise”

If we understand that the other has the right to have his opinion, like in our team with me and the other member, we will create a better world where arguing will not me a reason for fight but for improvement. There will be no competitiveness but only collaboration……

PS: I want to thank me team, all the other colleagues, and of course Paul for that week-journey….

Also I would like to say that we have to think a little bit the people on Indonesia that are under difficult conditions now. Our thoughts and our love is with them…….

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