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April 30, 2011

Nasa learns . . . . . Decision of correction or tempering?

Nasa cancelled the launch of Endeavour and the reason was some problems with heating materials. All of us remember the experience of Challenger. . . .However it seems that in the case of Endeavour the phenomenon of groupthink didn¢t occur. . . .

That clearly in my eyes shoes a mentality of learning by mistakes. Personally I think that NASA when it comes to a decision for launching or not is really aware of the phenomenon of heating materials.

The question here is that, based on the previous mistake organizations are aware of the process in which the mistake took place more than previously. Can this lead to tempering with the process?? ? As Deming says tempering probably will make the process worst. OK in case of NASA where we speak about human lives and equipment of billions you need more that 6sigma quality so tempering is difficult to occur because of the tight limits.

Although in real organization I think this happens. At the beginning definitely there will be the need for improvement but if management is obsessed they will face common variation as special. . This could lead in bad decisions that will make the system worse. . . .

Thus a decision that was based on previous mistakes can lead in worse mistakes. Here in my eyes is a good example for why we should be guided by theory.

Good decisions may are not always welcomed . …..... . . Bad decisions may be.

This contradiction was developed in my mind. On one hand decisions that may offer improvement in a system might face resistance while bad decisions might be welcomed.

In my eyes this attributed to resistance to change on behalf of those that react. However the question is how we manage those reactions.

Some journals say persuade people to come with you by making them understand the need for change. Then we go in the area of change management. However it is sometimes that you have to take a decision and may see the unhappiness of your employee at the same time that you take it. . . . . I have done it when I was working. Despite it proved to be a good decision I felt terrible when I saw the employee sad. . . . . . Maybe a good way is to coach the employee and try to create arise the decision through dialogue. . . . However this in my eyes requires a lot of skills which definitely we do not posses. We may need more \ experience for that and of course more knowledge. .

Is there a connection with leadership . . . .? ? I do not know.... . . . .    But definitely we are not going to be always joyful for the others. .... LLL

I hope that I will not face a lot of those types of situations. . . . .

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