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April 28, 2011

Knowledge management in organizations

I am going through the literature review and I found something interesting about KM. KM should have a strategic approach. I couldn¢t realize that before I went through this literature. KM strategy should enhance and facilitate the overall strategy of an organization.

In my eyes this is now clear. Provided that organizations have a specific strategy with specific goals KM is the underpin infrastructure that will make available the necessary knowledge each time for taking the right decision and lead. IN EFQM this is depicted by the fact that excellent organizations should provide their leaders with the necessary information so that they can take decisions.

Thus alignment of KM strategy with the overall strategy and provide this relevant data. Can you imagine tomorrow as a leader having to take decisions regarding how you can introduce a new product in the market and the KM system provides you with the list of the supermarket. Something is wrong with that. . . . . . . Thus strategy which will determine the culture the structure as well as the processes within a system in respect to Knowledge is absolutely necessary.

Probably this is why most of organizations have abandon KM projects. Probably they thought that KM is only infrastructure and powerful information and communication systems.

Application of RDM interactions between the alternatives of a decision. . . . .

The academic year come to the end. Most of us have OPP which is our last module and then project (GoDdy help us :P). Yesterday I was planning my next steps. The problem was that I have two PMAs (one and a half be more precise) and one module left. Also, I have to finish my literature review before 10 of 23 of next month so that I can send it to my supervisor for revision.

Provided all these problems I had to decide how I should work up to 23 of May which is OPP module. However despite the fact I work 10 hours per day (it is a disaster I am going to sue WMG for thatJ) the hours wasn¢t enough.

The methodology that I used was PMI:





Finish PMA of KBAM

More focused on the PMA

Lose of time

I will gain the master only in my dreams

Go to project and then PMA

Save time

Probably I have chances to take my master

More Knowledge in respect of Knowledge management. Improved PMA as well

Provided this simple analysis I choose the second choice. Thus I stopped working on Knowledge PMA and started doing my rest of literature review of project which refers to Knowledge management in SMEs. In that way I could develop synergy so that I save some timeJ.

It seems logical but I am wondering if we had the ability to go through that logic before RDM module. The Knowledge comes outside the system and every module such as RDM provided us knowledge that was outside our organization-system.

However the point is that each alternative should not be investigated in isolation. Interactions among them could develop new information that could be useful in our decisions. Did we take into consideration the interactions among the two factories when we choose in the in module work?????? Some yes, some no……

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