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October 20, 2010

How could we apply Deming's System of Profound Knowledge in everyday life?

What an amazing theory…… I think it can be implemented in our everyday life only if we (as individual) understand what Deming says about the individual...

Be an example for the others. (Fair – True – meritocracts – with free spirit…….)

Be a good listener but never compromise. (I disagree with you, but I will struggle so that you can be free and express your opinion)

Continually teach the other people (We do not have the right to keep the knowledge in prison….We do not live on the medieval period)

Help people to enter in to the new philosophy (Always help others to be improved by this you will improve yourself)

If the individual success all these then we will be able to implement the rest of the theory in good basis

Vagelis Kitsos

Is that the project?????

Time has come we have to decide about the project…!!!! But how? How we define the project that we want to take? What is the subject? Even if we have decided for the subject is that the correct one?

All that questions come to my mind and I just want to decide!!!!!!! But I can¢t…..I am looking at the project proposal that I have written and I just wondering “Am I correct?”.

Well we have to admit and accept that every decision has risk. We cannot forecast the results….. If we had this ability we would have a better world. Every decision can hide mistake. Even the Pope, who never make mistakes, was forced to apologize for departed sins of a previous Pope. I call that hereditary responsibility (LOL). Even if our decision about the project is not the right one we will learn from our mistake. So in both of this occasions we are winners. Optimistic perspective of life……. Well of course is better to have a good relationship with the project “a relationship of love” and it is a crucial decision but relax I think that that we will love it on the way……….


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