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April 13, 2011

Bias in MOC. . . . . . .. .

Today at MOC (management of change) the tutor described a decision that was taken by employees in a factory for the problem they had with some pigeons. The pigeons were shitting in their products so there was a painting problem. . .. . The employees however decided to close a gap over a huge door from which the pigeons were entering the factory. They paid a lot of money for that. However while the gap was closed and pigeons couldn¢t enter, when the employees opened the door for the truck to come in the pigeons find the opportunity and went in the factory from the door itself. Clever pigeons.

So the tutor asked: “Do you believe that this is an idiot decision”

Most of the class students said yes except from me that said no. I explained it is bias to judge a decision after the event. . . . . The rest of MBE students were laughing . . . hehehehehee.

My point is that RDM made us thinking in that perspective. This is the out of the box thinking. If you wish we think differently.

Another aspect that made me today think of RDM is that at the end of the module the tutor gave paper sheets so that we can assess the team members in terms how they influenced change during a simulation that takes place. Each of the team members has a role which can be the managing director or a dispatcher. My point is how I can assess these two edges in the same range. The managing director has the most opportunities to influence change. While the tutor mentioned that potential source of bias I am not aware that we as students are able to manage it. Especially if you do not know that it can produce bias. (MBE students may be a little benefited from it).

I think it was Graeme that has told in a company it is always the selling persons that get the most bonuses because they are the ones who seem to contribute more or in a football team it is the strikers that always gain more.

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