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May 11, 2011

Knowledge, Wisdom, Gnosticism.. . Understanding Knowledge.. The philosophical movement…

Knowledge – Wisdom - Gnosticism….. . . .. . . The philosophical movement…..

Well they say that there is one difference between languages all over the world and the Greek one. It is believed that the Greek language does not describe the things but explains them. . . . Thus I searched for the routes of Knowledge so that I can understand it. So this is the story:

The Greek word for Knowledge is “Gnosis”. In ancient Greece there was a philosophical movement which was called “Gnosticism”. It still exists but it is totally different from what Greeks believed to be.

Gnostics who were people that believed in Gnosticism supported that God didn?t created the world but a community of his own descendants that were called centuries or in Greeks “Aiones”. However one of them didn?t like what was going on there and started a revolution. So one of the centuries apostatized. This century was called wisdom or else in Greeks “Sofia”

Thus wisdom fell and separated by the community of Gods and have born an ancestor. However this ancestor was considered as bad since it was born outside the initial community of Gods. This ancestor in turn born his own ancestors and created the world that we live in. From that action he was called creator and his ancestors called rulers of the world. However the rulers didn?t like the wisdom since it was one of the initial gods and put her in prison inside the human bodies………………………….

There is the meaning. Wisdom which didn?t like what the initial Gods-centuries did is in every one of us. However it is captured in a bad materialistic world in which rulers prevail. Thus it is when we understand the problems of that world and gain the necessary “gnosis”-knowledge that will allow us to transcend in another space-dimension. Only then we will be able to understand what life is about and improve the system that we live in. Gnostics believed that it is tacit knowledge that will bear wisdom and will save our spirit. They supported a simple life in which love prevails and people despise the materialistic goods of that world.

All these benefits come only by one thing which is called Knowledge………… After this philosophical movement religions destroyed it. For example Christians supported that people should acquire knowledge however they provided 10 “rules” to govern the world. . . . . Ancient Greeks didn?t believe in rules but on that every one of us through knowledge will understand the limits of its own freedom and will set them in that level that doesn?t affect the limits of the other?s freedom. It is a self-assessment philosophy……………. And I think that the rest of the religions have rules as well. I am not sure about Buddhism (which personally I would like to learn about). . . . .

Well this is the story of Knowledge……………. Are we ready to gain? Or we afraid to do so. . . . . Gaining knowledge provides power but also is difficult………… It has a lot of pain to conquer and manage ideas that all the other people will probably consider as irrational…….. J

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