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October 08, 2010

Greek Economic Crisis and team work

I will take as an example my country but I think that these concern every nation. My country, Greece, has terrible economic problems. High national debt and huge loans to pay are some of the problems that we face. Despite the fact that we are close to our economic collapse, everyone in Greece criticizes and put the blame to others for this terrible situation. No one takes the responsibility for his/her own mistakes. When you discuss with other people you realize that they consider themselves victims of a system…….

This way of thinking and acting reveals lack of team work and self-respect. We (the Greek people) do not realize that we are part of the system that we accuse. In my opinion, responsibility is always aggregate. We must recognize that it is our mistake that the system in which we belong has problems. Putting the blame to the others is a simple way to avoid our responsibilities and mistakes.

According to my point of view, excellence, team work and corporation is the key for creating a new social and economic structure for my country. We need a new way of thinking, a sustainable development with respect for the people and for the environment. The philosophy of Corporate Social Responsibility and excellence must be integrated to our mentality. We have to “add quality” to our lives, not only to our products and services but also to our social activities.

This philosophy can be implemented to our global system too. If we realize that we have to develop our selves and through that to contribute to the global system we will solve much of our problems. “We need Global Governance and we need it fast”, in order to co-ordinate our efforts and produce more. Principles and values like quality, respect, cooperation, freedom, meritocracy, etc., are what we need. If we see ourselves as a part of a global team we can be more efficient and effective. This is the meaning of synergy “1+1=3”. That means if 6 billion people can produce 6 billion outputs, working as a team will increase their outputs to 9 billion….Amazing and economically sustainable……

We are part of that world. The person that stands next to us is a part of our body and our spirit. In addition all of us are part of the environment……….so treat with respect.


·        George Papandreou, prime minister of Greece, 2010, Economist Conference

P.S: Thank you for reading my entry I am waiting for your comments

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