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April 06, 2011

Must Religion and Knowledge………………

Today was a day with a lot of reflections……………. Of course the topic of the week is Knowledge-based asset management. . . . . A good point is what we will wear in the presentations. . . . .. .

Some teams will wear suit. The question is not what they will wear but why…..? Personally I do not like musts. . . I want to be master of my own choices even those are against the society and definitely do not affect the society. I do not see any reason why we have to wear suits not only in that presentation but even if we are real consultancy in real life. . . . Do we wear the suits because we take power from that, because it is a must, or because we like to do so. . . . In my eyes this is a tough question that everyone should think a lot. Personally I will not wear a suit because I really do not feel comfortable in it. . . . I tried once to buy but I felt really but when I was trying it. . . . . . to conclude the paragraph is it a must or you like to wear a suit? Do not answer directly I like it because it is the easy option think of it…. . .

Then while I was in the bus I had an interesting conversation about religion with one of our colleagues. . . . Here come the musts of the religion which are correlated with the must in some societies as well. The topic is that I really have no problem with homosexuals, it their choice but the religions all over the world consider them as abnormal. There have been a lot of researches that prove that homosexual can be born with those preferences. . . . So is that again a must? No homosexuals. Kill the homosexuals. . . Kill the different. Kill what is not like us. . . . . I know that no religion wants its people to be educated. Religions used power to constrain people. . . . .. . . . Our Great Christians burnt the library of Alexandria with all the ancient papers. If we had these papers today the world would have been different. . .

I am wondering is all that mental models? If a member of the consultancy was with a red Mohican (i.e. Great Grame, ahaha) would you accept it? The must say no. . . . My belief says yes…………….. I think someone like Graeme can teach an organization a lot. If Paul wasn¢t with a suit but with some more informal dress wouldn¢t be the same person. Paul can teach a lot as well in an organization. . . . Does all these mental models affect our ability to learn and get knowledge?

I personally believe that without breaking all the mental models that the society imposes we will never learn. Think of the philosophers or the artists they have no mental model keeping them in prison. . . It is my personal view that no suit can give you the real power. Power comes from the mind and only by the mind. . .

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