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April 05, 2011

Used to Speak theoretically

Today¢s meeting was really interesting. . . .All the groups have studied the theory of asset management and came with a lot of ideas……..

We started discussing our approaches. Then I realized that KBAM apart from making us understand asset management, it benefits us in a different way as well. What we have noticed as a team is that we have been used to speak about theory so our recommendations for Waveriders was really theoretical. What I was trying to say during the meeting is that by speaking about theory the Waveriders board will not be interesting. Waverider¢s board has a company with a specific strategy. They want to see how this strategy could be facilitated by the use of Asset management . . . . . . . . ....

Thus during our meeting I was pointing out the lack of practical approaches. While the team members were perfect regarding the theory they were not practical. We should keep that in our mind. For example going to a board of directors and talk to them about what we have learnt at MBE will not benefit us. It is how through those theories we can gain the most out of them. . . it is how we apply knowledge into practice so that the powerful cycle of continuous improvement can be developed………

KBAM make us think like this, how we would apply the theory into practice . . . … . . . . KBAM is knowledge-based and knowledge requires both theory and practice. . . . Are we ready for

But never forget be guided by theory…………….

MBE culture and the potential student of MBE (friend from Greece)… (hahaha)

Today I have got a call from a friend of mine. . . .We were studying together in undergraduate. He was a really good student. Being less theoretical than me but more practical. . . . I have this drawback I know that.

We have spoken three weeks ago and he has expressed me his intentions for having a postgraduate. I proposed him WMG. He called me this morning and the following are his words:

-Oh my God………… I looked through the modules offered in WMG and I have concluded that it is WMG and MBE as a different department……. It is so challenging and requires additional skills. I think that the module operates in a perspective of knowledge creation rather than teaching tools……………. I liked it.. I might apply for it. . . . But I am still thinking of something more in engineering…….. However it is interesting but also tough. . . . 42h per week it is crazy………… Poor Vangelis what have you been through. . .

I went through the web site again to see what my friend saw in it . . I was amazed that MBE requires personal statement. . . . . It was a great choice to add that. . . . . .

What I am trying to say is that we are in a special department. . . . it is pity to let the opportunity go without exploiting every detail . . .. Personally I am learning not only from the tutors but also by the small details that are taking place in MBE. . . ..It is like a Learning Organization in which knowledge it is created every minute. Sitting in front of the PC writing this blog it is useful and make me think of what I can learn from you my colleagues and from MBE itself as a culture.

It is a powerful system which transforms tacit knowledge into explicit and continually improves itself. Infrastructure facilitates this effort. Students are part of it and tutors opened in new ideas not only teach us but also learn from us. . . . Powerful Knowledge culture in MBE……………. Have we really understood it?

PS: the dialogue closed like that:

-         Vagelis you may have been the best student in undergraduate but I will come in MBE and I will become better than you

-         Kostas my friend, in MBE you will learn that there is no one better than the other but only different people. . . . It is one of the unique characteristics of MBE

I love MBE culture…………

Health and safety is like saying excellence. . . . . .

Yesterday after the evening session my feelings were mixed. . . . . On one hand I was afraid and shocked about the videos that we saw on the other hand I was angry with those managers that didn¢t take all the necessary measures to protect their people. . . . .

As Paul said “I wouldn¢t allow to anyone who doesn¢t use the safety measures to work in the organization”……….

Great words. . . .Most of the managers would have said “Great I save some money as well from the safety equipment which is not used”…. However I want to ask them if they can sleep at night or they feel guilty for the accident and the death of so many people. . . ?

Will we be able to survive if in our organization someone was killed due to lack of safety measures? Personally I would not be able to leave after that. Being responsible for the death of someone is really difficult to sustain.

Lectures today provided us with those tools that will allow as in our futures organizations to prevent such type of accidents. Also made as aware of the situations and what Health and safety is. Thus we as leaders have to do the same in our employees. A Paul did today to us we have to provide them with those tools and make them aware of the risks that there will be there. . . And under communication with them we will be able to protect all of the people against those conditions of potential death. . . .

Knowledge Management will play important role on that. As Juran have said it is not enough to create data. You have to store and make it easily accessible to the employees. Communication, dialogue as well as IT systems are fundamentals to reassure Health and safety.

Tomorrow what will we do? In my eyes safety of people is fundamental aspect of excellence. . . How could we teach excellence without protecting the core of the theory which is people?

It is known that:

“If you destroy the people of a company, you do not have much left”… … Deming

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