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April 04, 2011

Decision making System 0 in our blood…………….

After having been through RDM module we are supposed to detect the sources of bias and at least do not being biased by obvious sources. . . .

However today¢s exercise proved the opposite. . . . It was a particular question that it made me understand how easily someone can be biased. Also I realized that bias is more likely to occur when we take something for granted . . .

The point is that the computer gave us this question. The data showed which the right question was. Our mental models supported the data and immediately decided “ok go for that choice”. We spend two minutes out of ten for that decision . . . . . It was a disaster. . .

The problem is that we didn¢t challenge either our mental models or the data. . . . This is a lesson that we should keep in our life. .. . Challenge everything……………

However in the rest of the question we were good enough. This was depicted by our results as well. We have a focused approach in our goal and this goal was the main dimension against which we got all of our decision.

I would like to take the same task by having more time so that I could utilize some of the techniques that we learnt and compare the results…………….. That it would be interest. . . .

Being late…………

Today it was the first time that I saw Paul so angry (he didn¢t laugh with our jokes). One friend from another module got by mistake into the class and after, when she saw me, she told me “Paul looked really angry”.. . . . .

Well he was right. . . And the problem is not that students were only today late, this is a common practice in MBEb……………………. And we wish to speak in variation terms this is common cause variation so there are no special causes. . . Special causes happen rarely. Thus there should be an improvement on the system to reach the goal. In our case wake up earlier and be on time. . . .

I believe that being on time is a matter of respect. Paul said that in the class that it is respect against the team members. However I believe it is also respect for yourself.

I cannot propose any solution on that. . . . But I have to a question:

If it was the meeting with your CEO, would you be late?

Probably no. Why not? Because it is the one that provides you with job. . . . Logical enough. My question then is:

We study excellence. We learn that external awards are useless compared to internal satisfaction. How will we teach the others those principles if we do not believe on them. . . . Is it all about the scores at the end of the day?

PS: I had no intension to insult anyone it is just some thoughts.

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