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April 03, 2011

Long term thinking or short term? Strategy and we as Leaders…....

We have learnt that long term thinking has a lot of benefits for an organization. . . . Besides Excellence is long term approach. .. . . Deming has said that short term thinking is a deadly disease. However a lot of managers will say that in times of recession short term is the only way to survive. . . . .

The question is we as leaders what we have to do when we lead in times of recession? Stay back cut costs and think in short term approach? Kotler said that in times of recession cutting expenditures is a bad decision.

I was thinking of that and I had some problems to find an answer. I am strongly in favour of long term thinking. But the arguments of managers that I am discussing that (Greece is in recession) are really strong. While their arguments seem logical, let see what another guru of management and maybe the father of strategy says about that:

Thinking strategically requires long term thinking and planning... Because if you only think in short term you will make your position worse. . . . . . . Dig you pit deeper..................

Who should lead? The transformation of MBE……….

When I started working in my previous job as full time I have noticed that there were no formal meetings among managers. Managers just discussed what they had to do in 5 minutes and then tried to give their best. . . . Profoundly I thought this is not the right way since it depicts a short term thinking perspective. Thus I established meetings.

I introduced the every Monday morning meeting where we discussed and coordinating our operations. Also if an important topic derived instead of discussing it like being in a café we had a proper meeting. I still remember one employee that told me “This is one of the best things someone has done here” and I was only tree “weeks” in the company… I am happy for that. ………..

The point that I want to arise here is that I wasn¢t leading in that meetings due to lack of experience and of course lack of theories…… If we combine them I had lack of knowledge…..

I am just looking back then and I can see a lot of drawbacks in that meetings. We had terrible time management we hadn¢t established agenda and there were no coordination. I am trying to find out what is wrong and I am coming to the conclusion that the person who was leading in that meetings despite he had a lot of experience he didn¢t have the ability to lead and conduct the meetings. We have been trapped in the illusion that the one who sells more can be a marketing manager.

I have spoken for that with the CEO of the company and I clearly told him that this is wrong. . . . . He asked me “Who do you believe that should lead?”….. I grab the chance and I answered me…… It was spontaneous . . . . . It was like Paul asking who wants to lead and I took the chance……… After second thoughts I said what I am talking about… However the answer was positive….. The CEO said “I am looking forward you to come back and work with us”……… Is it that I have more knowledge now? Is it the MBE that made us believe in or selves?

I really do not have the answer but I was so surprised from the outcome of the dialogue. One year ago I couldn¢t think to say something like that. Is MBE that provide us with this power to take the risk and the chances? I have been through a lot of games in MBE that I think they provided us with the potentiality of developing skills of a leader. I feel that I will manage to take over my obligations. We have done a lot of work in Leadership module and in combination with all the other modules we have a complete view on how we should manage a company. How we can lead towards the vision. Or even how we can create a vision.

MBE had developed good potential leaders.. . . . I am looking forward for testing my skills. Applying the theory into practice and develop new knowledge. . . I am looking forward of being a good leader that will provide an alternative for its people and with them will built a better future for them and the society as well…..

I am excited…………….

Spiral of Knowledge the journey of improvement

One of my friends told me

“Without knowledge there is no improvement”

Being here for 6 months now I have to say that his words were justified. . . . . Knowledge conversion from explicit to tacit then again explicit and tacit etc is a cycle of continuous improvement (Or spiral).

We as student came here with a specific tacit knowledge. Then our tutors tried to convert their tacit to explicit knowledge and we learnt from that. We gain this explicit knowledge and after thinking or even some times by implementing in our life or in our imagination we created tacit knowledge for ourselves. Since then we apply the theory in our mind into practice and then we create a new theory (theory of knowledge). Continuous Improvement in our life.. . . . .. . .

Tomorrow in our organizations as leaders (all of us will be leaders we try hard for that) we have not only to improve our personal theory and skills but also transmit the knowledge we already got to our followers……….. It is one of a leader¢s obligations to create new leaders. . . . . Also it is one of our obligations as transformed individuals to always teach the others. . .

Already I am trying when I find the opportunity to teach others. Through that I develop a dialogue which improves me as well. . . Arguments thoughts, all that develop a framework that knowledge is created and every member of a team can be positively affected.

I think that it is crucial to understand the role of knowledge in the success of organizations. . . . Tomorrow we have to convey and proliferate knowledge in our organization if we wish to establish a continuous improvement philosophy. We should never forget that KAIZEN started by the development of small teams inside the organization………..

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