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April 01, 2011

Sharing Information

This is how the first people developed the system of sharing information. . . .. .Is that a system of knowledge development?

I do not know but is is soooooooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeee..............

An example of bad leader and a good leader…...

I am not telling that bad or ineffective leaders have bad results or that good leaders have good results. This can be affected by a lot of causes outside their influence (ie special cause variation). . . . However what I can say is that a good leader can be characterized by the faith that followers have for him. .. .
This came to mind by Kantafi¢s minister for external affairs who have came to England. He just dumped his leader to save himself. While a lot of you may say that it is normal, I will provide you with an example which shows that it is not. . . .

I am sorry I will use a ancient example again. . . There was Sparta with the Leonidus leading the city. . . When the Persians came to conquer Greece all the Greeks united against them. .. However the Greeks were much more less that Persians so they tried to win the battle by playing clever. While they have found a place that it was providing the ability to eliminate the numerical advantage of the enemy and enhanced the power of the Greeks in battle one face one, a Greek (called Nightmare from there comes the bad meaning of the world) betrayed the Greeks and show a path for the Persian army. . . .All the Greeks have to leave from there but there was not enough time. So Leonidus said I will stay and fight against them. Immediately 300 Spartans said we will stay with you our leader. . .. . .

This is how I perceive good Leaders. . . .This is how i want to be when i lead some people. . . it is again about dedication to the others and all of us dedicated to the common aim. .I will definitely would like to achieve something like that. I think that we have the basis and the theoritical background behind it so we have the potentialites. . . .  . . . With you, up to the end my leader. . . . And there comes the true love which is again with you to end. . . Thus leader has to be in love with the followers and vice versa. . When we will understand that we will become a better place. . . . .

PS: In that battle the phrase ““return with the shield or dead upon this” was created

RDM fundamentally changed us………….

Today was the second meeting for presentations of Paul¢s and prof. Jane¢s students. . . . We have been through a lot of data and it was really interesting. . . However there was one fact that made me think of RDM module. .. One of the presenters said that I already have my primary data so I am working on the secondary data. . . . . My thinking was about bias. . . Thus I comment on that. . . .

If you already know what you want to search for, it will introduce bias in the literature review. You will tend to prove that what you have your secondary data by the academics words. I think Prof. Jeff said something similar during the module . . . . Whatever is the case I am happy because I wouldn¢t be able to think of it before the RDM module.

Thus, if we consider progress as the positive difference between the current position and the one in the past I can say that i have done some steps. . . We love MBE. . .

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