May 07, 2010

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This is so hard to write when your mind is blocked, but maybe if I just start writing something will come up.

To me leadership (which I will define as: "the act of influencing other people to accomplish a purpose by trasnmitting your own personal motivation towards that same goal") should be something natural. The real leader is that person that does something because he or she wants to, and without trying real hard already has someone following.

Or perhaps, there is the natural leadership which is when you have an intrinsic (internal) motivation towards a purpose and this motivation is transmitted to other people through your actions. But there is another kind of leadership which is probably the one that is used more in work environments, which is when there is an extrinsic (external) motivation like a goal and you make the space to mobilise people towards this goal, in this second the goal comes first then the motivation in the first one the goal and the motivation are always the same.

Not sure if I explained myself right..

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