October 06, 2011

Gaining balance

Much better day - more balanced.

Did some studying, eating got done on time (food needs to be better though!), worked on a case study for the PCD session tomorrow.

Planned at a high level for the weekend.

Looking pretty good so far!

- 06Oct

October 05, 2011

Another day!

Another crazy day!

Good session by Nicholas Bate! Reinforced my beliefs - & now, I think I am good to go! Full steam within 24 hours - picking speed gradually.. One more good night's rest & we are good to go!

One more case study to read & we are done for the day!

- 05Oct

October 04, 2011

Week 2 cont…

It has been a busy day AGAIN! Lots of reading to catch up on!

Time to do some more pre-reading, plan for the rest of the week.

Making progress, one step at a time!

- 04Oct

Week 2 – Monday!

It has been a good start to the week.

The team is truly fantastic at the moment; we are getting along famously at the moment!

A good mix to the day - started the morning with lectures on marketing - got some interesting insights.

Went for a run with my syndicate group members (you've got to be fit)!

Had a nice meal followed by a quick read of the pre-course reading.

Looking good so far!

Consistency is the key!

- 03Oct

October 02, 2011

Weekend 1at Warwick Uni

Have had a really good weekend so far - good food, drinks! Met some more people - it is really interesting meeting peope from such diverse backgrounds.

Time to catch up on my reading now over the next few hours & prepare for the coming week!

- 02Oct11

October 01, 2011

Warwick – Week1

The 1st week at Warwick has finally ended. It has been an experience very different from anything I have ever experienced before. Meeting people from over 20 different countries in less than 5 days, working with them, getting to know them better, spending time on fun activities & group tasks has been a truly exhilarating experience.

It has now become obvious that the days ahead will be increasingly hectic. I am looking forward to the challenge!

- 01Oct11

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