November 23, 2011

Viewing the streaming of CILIPs chartership presentations

I am just viewing the streaming of the CILIPs CDG Certifications, Chartership, Revaliation & beyond, I should have done this at the start of this process!

Met with my Library Chartership mentor

Met with my chartership mentor today who has given me some good comments about my portfolio.

I have enough content but need to divide my portfolio up a bit better. That is the hard part I had divided it up already following my PPDP but I need to rethink this and maybe use the following categories:

  • strategy;
  • skills development;
  • project work.

I'll have to see if I can do this as my portfolio covers 3 different jobs over a long period of time as I worked part time.

I will look at this week & see if it can be done!

My mentor also suggested that I did a mind map for the skills that I have gained from each of my jobs. This makes sense and I will get this done by 2.12.11.

I have asked to have the 9 December off work as study leave & will use this time to write my personal statement, so I need to get my folder sorted pretty quickly.

September 20, 2011

Summer 2011

It has been a long time since I've updated my blog and I must get back on track to complete my chartership. I've been busy moving house.

July - I attended a Window on Warwick session on writing for the web, this was interesting and reinforced good practice.

16 August - I attended the elab session on ID6. It explained how the warwick websites would look and how elab convert existing websites into ID6. This also highlight major issues with the new website and how the structure would not fit in ID6, so it was decided to put the project on hold, so we could work out the best structure for ID6. ID6 does look good, it looks very modern & slick.

For the past month we've been concentrating on updating the content of the current websites and doing some minor changes to the existing structures. We have taken on a temp to help us. Originally she was taken on to help us with the new website but she has now been updating the content of the existing websites.

Having a temp doing the work has been great for me as I've been able to co-ordinate all the content updates on the various websites, talk to colleagues and sort out any discrepancies (the temp is also very good at her work). It's also great that I have someone to discuss wording or how to do something and to make sure that all the content is updated in the same format.

Will blog again soon.

May 23, 2011

Student Careers & Skills new website

Careers & Skills is in the process of integrating 5 websites into 1. This is due to the department being restructured in the summer of 2010. Student Careers & Skills is currently in it's first academic year of operation. The individual websites need to be merged into 1 to show the users all our services and how we can helped them in their career and academic skills development.

The new website is to be completed by 31st July 2011 (the current website is over 900 pages long!)

January 2011

From January I have been attending the Operations group meetings when they have been discussing what is required in the new website. We grouped all of the sections of the website and the headings were agreed by the Operations Group. I along with the IT Officer put these headings looking for any missing areas into a tree diagram. The tree diagram was taken to the Operations group to agree it. This was all agreed in May 2011

April 2011

Since the end of April I have been working on the website project 100%, no more Helpdesk enquiries for me.

I've been responsible for:

  • Taking colleagues permissions away from the websites & informing them via the staff newsletter.
  • Developing a Project Plan on the time scales that colleagues are able to update or write information for the new website.
  • Created an order to copy the content, this was decided by using the project plan
  • Written instructions on how to copy content of the current websites into a word document, standardising file names and where the documents are to be saved.
  • Trained colleagues on how to copy the content of the webpages.

May 2011

I realised that the copying the current website content wasn't happening fast enough so I spoke to my line manager and we organised getting a temp in.  I already knew that we had budget to cover the cost of getting a temp.  I had to write what skills were required for the job and was involved in interviewing them.  This was my first time of being involved in interviewing.  The temp is great he is very fast at the copying the content. 

I don't seem to have time to do any of the copying as I've been organising the project and sorting out queries.

As the temp was very fast at copying the content, I then spoke to the Skills team about taking away their website permissions, so we could start to copy the web pages. This was agreed by the team.

13th May

Divided up the website sections that the Operations & Information team were to update or write.  Decided which Information Adviser had the skills to do which section.  In the process of this I realised that all of the sections that the Ops & Info we were supposed to update we did not have the necessary skills for and I spoke to other colleagues who would have more expertise in these areas, i.e. Careers Fairs & Employers Events this was passed to a member of Employer Connect.

I wrote an email explaining what was required in the updating, attaching the relevant files, the new website structure & a guide on writing for the web.  After the emails were sent I spoke to each of the Information Advisers who had sections to update and I explain what was required, as each section requires different information.

W/C 16th May

Sent all the Key Job sectors files (old files from the website) to the relevant Careers Consultant.  The key contact for the Careers team organised who was going to do which section and I spoke to her about any queries.

W/C 23rd May

Emailed the relevant careers consultants the rest of the files for the sections of the websites they are updating i.e. career planning.  

It doesn’t sound like much sending emails to colleagues with files attached but it took me all  day today (Monday) to send the rest of the sections to the careers consultants as I have to send at least 5 files with each email and I need to make sure that I have not missed any documents off.  

Reflection so far

Currently we are on target with the project plan.  Thanks to a lot of help from colleagues who are acting a key contacts and understand the importance and complexity of the new website project.

It is a huge task to complete and I'm mainly concerned with the current content and how to integrate all the websites into one.  There is another large issue to do with the design, but we have come up with mock ideas and have turned to elab for their expertise in designing the home page and students landing page.  

I feel that it is my job co-ordinate the updating of content or creating of new content, explaining what we are looking for and try make sure that people keep to deadlines. I may be grey by the time this is finished!  

May 21, 2011

19th May 2011 met with mentor

Met with my mentor to update her on my progress with my chartership.

Informed her that I had met with:

Director of Student Careers & Skills
Head of Academic Services at Coventry University
Head of Academic Services at Warwick

I explained how these meetings have helped me to understand; my roles (working in SCS & Coventry), the institutions strategies and how the departments I work in are working towards the university's strategies (Coventry & Warwick).

I have added further reflections of these meetings in my portfolio.

Portfolio building
I have started to gather my portfolio evidence into a ring binder. I need to start gathering the evidence into groups.  I will try to do this in accordance with my PPDP.  This does seem to be quite hard as I have evidence from 3 jobs in 3 different places.

I'll aim to have this finished by the end of June.  (My deadlines keep changing due to my busy personal life).

May 20, 2011

Not updated my blog!

I've seemed to have been very busy lately and haven't updated my blog!

I have done quite a few extra things to do with my chartership, see below:

Met with Carolyn Haresign to find out more about Lanchester library's strategy and future developments for academic services.  This increased my understanding of Lanchester library and it was interesting finding out more about the role of a subject librarian.  There is a strong emphasis on librarians doing research whether doing literature searches or applying for bids to conduct research.

Met with Antony Brewerton the Head of Academic services at The University of Warwick Library.  Antony explained about the library's strategy in-line with the University's policy.  How the role of a subject librarian is changing, using different teaching methods, working, more in departments.  The developments within the library seem very familiar as they mirrored a lot of the activities in Student Careers & Skills.

From these meeting with Carolyn & Antony I have gained a lot understanding in the role of academic librarian and how they are trying to increase the library's reach to more students and academic staff. 

April 12, 2011

Student Careers & Skills Strategy

Met with Sue Bennett the Director of Student Careers and Skills to gain more understanding into the Student Careers & Skills strategy and how it is created.

The Meeting

Sue Bennett explained how the Student Careers & Skills strategy is formed and her role within the department. Student Careers & Skills was restructured and fully integrated in July 2010.  The department is currently within its first year of running.  Student Careers & Skills was created by the merging of Careers, CSDE, Postgraduate Researchers, Volunteers and Employer Connect.  The University felt that all these departments were scattered and should be pulled into one department for student’s recruitment, retention, satisfaction, progression and achievement.


After having this meeting with Sue Bennett it made me feel more enthusiastic about work as I can see the goals and aims we are working to as a department.  

As a Centre we do have team meetings that require input into the strategies and then this is also cascaded down to the individual team meetings.  But to meet with Sue and have her explain how the strategies are written it made it seem much more clear with a proper and coherent plan.  

I really must start organising my portfolio (I've even bought the plastic wallets to go into a ring binder).  Will start this tomorrow night!

March 29, 2011

Met with my Library Chartership mentor

Met with my Library Chartership mentor on Monday 28th March and updated her on my progress.

  • I have arranged to meet with Sue Bennett Director of Student Careers & Skills to talk about the strategic plans for the centre. (Thursday 31st March)
  • Completed my CV in draft - I need to check it and pass it to a job search advisor to look over it.  I will complete this, by the end of this week.
  • Arranged to met with Antony Brewerton about the main library marketing strategy - April 28th
  • I will finish making notes on copyright.  (I've nearly finished the 2nd book).
  • Arrange to met with the Head of Academic Services Carolyn Haresign at Coventry University about their strategic planning.
  • I must get a lever arch folder & start putting my portfolio work in, collating it better & to work out any gaps I've got.
  • Book study leave to write my personal statement - I don't feel ready yet.

I'd better get on with it!

CV – 4 pages long

Follow-up to Completed my CV from Vicky's Chartership blog

Have shown my CV to my library chartership mentor and 4 pages isn't too long as it is an extended CV.  I will have to shorten it if I apply for any jobs!

March 28, 2011

Sharepoint Training

I went on the IT's Sharepoint training Thursday 24th March 2011. The course covered the basics on Sharepoint with enough information to get you going.

Sharepoint will be a good tool to use for the Student Careers & Skills intranet rather than using sitebuilder pages. But I think it is something that we can't rush into as it is like building a website and we will have to decide on the structure beforehand.  We will also have to ensure that everyone uses it instead of using the sharedrive and uploads files the correct way and whether we use version control or not. 

Sharepoint is good at letting people know the last date a file was updated and the current version.  You can also enforce people to check out a file when they are going to update it and a copy is stored in your drafts.  When you update it and return the new version back to sharepoint you have to check it back in.  If someone comes to look at the file when you have it checked out they then can still at a read only copy and know who to talk to if they need to edit that file.

There is lot you can do with Sharepoint you can have libraries (files of information), lists (i.e. contact lists that you then can update outlook with), announcements, calendars, blogs.  We didn't cover the full use of the calendars as Student Careers & Skills want to use it for booking rooms.  It does look quite simple to use, although the permission levels on what people can do, can get complicated.   So I suppose we'd better get building the Sharepoint intranet.

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