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January 31, 2011

Finished my draft PPDP

I have just finished my draft PPDP and have emailed to my mentor to see if it is ok.  So now it's wait and see!

I need to start looking at examples of good CV's.  I'll have to have a look on the CILIP website to see if there are any examples and will have a look at work (CV Example Library).  I'm going to sign up to attend the "Effective Applications Workshop".  As I'm sure it will help me to produce my CV.  

Attending this workshop will also be good for my chartership as I will be able to learn more about the role of a "job search adviser" and will increase my customer service skills when I'm working on the Helpdesk. As I will be able to enthuse about the workshop and answer more of the students questions (and I like it when I can answer with first hand experience).

I also want to develop a template to use as a reflective tool for projects, events, workshops or courses that I have attended or completed. I will get that finished by the end of this week!!! THINK POSITIVE.

It's save Public Libraries day on 5th February 2011, we'd better get doing our bit & borrow some books or tweet why you love your public library.

January 30, 2011

My other job! Weekend Librarian

I have 2 part time jobs and my other one is The Weekend Librarian at Lanchester Library at Coventry Uni.

This job is based on floor 2 on the Social Sciences floor helping students with their enquiries for half a day at the weekend. (There are 2 weekend librarian posts and Karen works on alternate days to me). It is more of a traditional library role and gives me my library fix!

I support the weekend lending services based on the ground floor and they let me know if they have any problems (although the senior clerks sort out the majority of problems but I'm there if they need me).

The student enquiries can be:

  • I can't find this book
  • I want to book a group study room or sorting out group room disputes (who's booked what room etc)
  • to helping / showing them how to do subject searching
  • wanting to watch a DVD or video
  • can't use the presentation equipment in the group study rooms
  • how to use the printers and photocopies
  • how to access the library resources off campus

I have to tell student to Shhh and to use "their phone on the stairwell" (when I say these things I think that I need to grow my hair into a bun and wear sandals in the snow).

I also help to support the academic services teams by doing any work left by them.  At the moment I have a large reading list to add to TalisList or it maybe help with classifying the European Documentation Collection (not my strong point).

I do enjoy helping the students even with the simplest questions or queries as they do appreciate the help! 

January 27, 2011

PPDP nearly finished!

Have just spent another hour amending my PPDP and I think I've almost finished it! 

It's only taken about 3 weeks to do.

The only thing I haven't added is a section on project management or team work .  I'm a bit concerned about this as nearly all of the work I do is team based and I'm left to get on with by myself, setting my own deadlines and prioritising work as necessary, working with colleagues as necessary.  

I haven't done any courses in project management or team working.  I've had a look at the LDC courses and they do a project management course but it lasts for two days until about 4.30 and I have kids that I need to pick up from school at 3.15pm.  But having said this the course is already booked up.   Although the Skills section of Student Careers & Skills do run a time management course for the masters students so I may try to attend that.  

I don't know If really do need to attend a project management course but I suppose it does show an area of weakness. 

Towards my chartership I have:

  1. Almost completed my PPDP
  2. Booked on a course called Conflict in Conversations
  3. Been added to the reserve list on the Being more Assertive course
  4. Arranged to shadow the Medical Librarian

By the end of the weekend I will have completed my PPDP

January 25, 2011

1st entry of my blog

I have decided to set up a blog to use as a reflective tool as a part of my Library chartership process.  I'm a bit worried about this as I'm doing my chartership retrospectively and I'm sure my memory isn't what it was.

I met with my mentor today to discuss my draft version of my PPDP (Personal Development Plan).  I have got to change it slightly and try to chunk together the different types of training that I have taken over the years.  I started work on this tonight but haven't finished yet!

My actions points to do before the next meeting 28th Feb:

Send of my draft PPDP (to be done within a week).

  1. Find a suitable CV template (this shouldn't be too hard I do work in Student Careers & Skills)
  2. Start grouping work for my portfolio
  3. Read the building your portfolio book (must get my own copy)
  4. Find Strategy documents for the services I work in
  5. Develop a reflective template for the courses I attend.
  6. Start a blog -  Done!
I am feeling a bit daunted by the whole chartership process, but I'm sure it will be worth it in the end.

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