November 12, 2005


October 22, 2005

My own blog

O actually, I have my own 'personal' blog… check me if u love me ~! =)

October 18, 2005


Is photography a form of art?

I was thinking about this ever since I left that lecture room… I am never really the one behind the cams, I have had a few experience of being in front of it so naturally, I would like to think it is… But then of cos, I know there must be alot of people around thinking photography, especailly with the digital technologies and all, is simply a form of hobbies… Im not a photographer myself, but what did strike me was that, when I thught back to the good old alevel Art times, where we had to do portraits, we were asked to take a picture of each other, which some would not think is 'art', and then draw in on canvas, and magically, people suddenly see it as incredible art. So, the same person, the same position, the same of everything, yet one is DEFINITE art, one lies somewhere in between… How is that even possible? I wonder.

October 14, 2005

Egg to Butterfly

Having been taught in the HR department for 3 whole years, I have learnt to be very critical about what these consultants and human resources policies are really giving us.

I must say I was somewhat disturbed by the first half of today's lecture.
I did not come to offence, but I just feel that whatever we heard today is somewhat idealistic and utopian. Yes, surely, if we are all going out to set a business, it is always good that we try to make use of the real talent of people and all, however, if you are going in as an employee, what I have learnt told me that it is simply not going to work. It struck me totally when I heard that there shouldnt be hierarchy. Every single company out there nowadays talk about flatening their hierarchy, but I don believe it is something that one can get rid of. We are talking about business here, when there is business, there is salary, wages, whatever you want to call it, does everyone get the same pay? no, then, there IS a hierarachy. As much as we don like it. Like I said, it's all good if you are the person who is actually running teh business and that you have all these good thoughts, but otherwise… yes, break all teh rule like John did, OF COS it works, everyone is doing what they love and enjoy, but what happened to John after he did all these great things? he resigned, he had to didn't he? Talk about the 5 talents you have… What I have learnt was as simple as, you cannot pigeon hole people like this. We learnt about this guy called Belbin and his 9 characters and team role and we frown appoint it. How on earth can you possibly say this person is a bulider and that is a director (or whatever the wording belbin used) and not anything else? Surely, if 2 million people took this survey, there could be some sort of realibility in it, but we tend to look at these things as one of those quiz you get in a magazine, not something you can put on your CV….

Don't get me wrong, I am not being a pessimist and think that we are all a small cog in the machine and that's where we should be for the rest of our lives, but I just think that one has to be realistic when one talks about things as such. What is happening with the whole north korea thing is absolutly FANTASTIC, and I thought it was amazing how so little people (though of cos they were all on the very top of teh hierarachy…) can do so much but I just think that when one try asking a big company to contribute, things might just not go 'V' shape.

October 13, 2005

IDC Intro to web design, part 3

Writing about web page

sometimes… just sometimes… when you read these codes… you just think to yourself…. whatever!!!

IDC Intro to web design, part 1

Writing about web page

Amazing how just the look of a page affects the way one approach the page and the "expectation" that pops in one's head… Simply hope I can do sth like this in the near future…

September 29, 2005

Me, Myself and I

This is ME

Hi all, I am Victoria, or Vicky… I am from HK, have been studying in the UK for about 8 years. I did my GCSEs and Alevels in Kent, then I went all the way up to the north to Lancaster for my undergrad degree where I took Human Resourses Management. During which I also took an active part in organising events and social gathering for the Chinese Society. 3 years of HR, was too much for me, I thought I needed something different, something more diverse, something EXCITING so here I am.

I have always LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED performing arts…. Singing, dancing, Musical, Acting… o n modeling. Though I am not very good, but I simply love to be on stage…. I love performing with a group of people, love watching finales of a show, often get too emotional…

O, need to go for coffee..

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