April 27, 2005

Nearly done then….......

I can not believe it's nearly then end of the first year.

At the start I planned to write in my blog at least once a week and bore people with updates on my siberian husky puppy and wedding preparations. Now, two weeks into a very short six week term, my husky (Pixie) is nearly 9mths old and I get married in 9wks!!!!!!!!

I'd like to say that being a student with the comfort of going home each night has made things run like a dream (no rowdy parties and drunken 19yr olds banging on your door at 3am), but I know I've missed out. My on campus friends have a little net work of their own, they have fathomed how to use msn (which eludes me still) and if that's not enough, they're minutes from each other to explain things in person.

But it's not just help with work I miss, sometimes I'd like to be banging on someones door at 3am too… (no one in particular, I'm an old, soon-to-be-married woman).

It's not all been bad though. I've written some well recieved lab reports and got respectable marks in exams. There have even been times when I've been the one explaining stuff. And I really do love going home to Tom and Pixie each night, you can't beat puppy cuddling.

Good luck to everyone in the exams, I'm feeling quite positive about them (ask me again an 3 weeks…).

If I don't get time later on, see you next year xxxxx

September 28, 2004

Old folk get scared too!

In his opening address, Professor David VandleLinde offered words of sympathy and comfort for those students away from home for the first time. Leaving the shelter of a loving family and being alone in a new environment is a daunting prospect.

I left home ten and a half yrs ago when I was 19yrs old; not to go to university, but to live in a house of my own not 5 minutes drive away. Even though I knew the person I'd be living with I was terrified!

Now, as a mature student going home every evening, I'm STILL terrified…

So much is new; people, proceedures, lectures, 30 minutes on the M42 in rush hour… (I hate motorways)

More than anything, I'm afraid that one single year on an Access to Higher Education course will not have given me the knowledge I need to succeed in my chosen degree (Biomedical Chemistry). I'm assured it will but, at this early stage and a lecture in Proteins, Genes and Genetics under my belt, it's had to believe I'll get through the first term let alone graduate.

And so, as an oldie who should have it together by now but still wanted my Mum at 9:00am on Monday, I say well done to all those students who left their parents for the first time last week end; as if you didn't have enough to contend with, now you have to do your own washing as well…xxx

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