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October 16, 2005

Things I did today…

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

Hearing about Jill's grand day out inspired me to tell you all about my day:

Today I got up at about 10:00am (not much of a lie-in but when you consider I start lectures 4 out of 5 week days at or before 10:00am, this is good!)

At about 2:00pm I headed onto campus and had some lunch in the Arts Centre, but it was bought from Costies. (It was rank was a chicken pasta salad a.ka. the most oniony soggy pasta I've ever had.) I then went to the library. I was accompanied by Adele. We spent about 2 hours in the library and then headed to Tesco, thinking we'd be good and go there instead of the more expensive Costcutters. Well…it was a right nightmare and a half. Tesco itself was really busy and there were screaming brats everywhere and mothers who use push-chairs as battering rams. Plus, when you are buying for more than just yourself, you have to make decisions. Hard decisions such like "what kind of bread do we get?!", "do we get this bag of prawns, or that bag of prawns?!". The list continues. We finally got to the checkout and left the shop (me with a huge bottle of olive oil in my rucksack which couldn't have weighed any heavier if it tried.) It felt like we had left our souls in Tescos.

Avoiding the "lets steal a trolly" option, we walked to the bus stop laden with all sorts of stuff and then had to stand at the cold bus stop for about 45 minutes waiting for the freaking bus. It was not fun at all. Food shopping trips have a real way of depressing you, and if someone had said something along the lines of "you smell" to me i think I would have punched them or just cried!

So we finally got on the bus and sat in various traffic jams. At last we got to our stop and walked the final leg of our journey back home…absolutely shattered!

Then woe beyond woes, the real kick in the nuts was that we hadn't actually bought any meat at all…so we had to go to the co-op to get some for dinner. We made spaghetti carbonara with chicken and bacon. Tres bien!

And then we started…THE CLEANING. Our kitchen was such the biggest mess on the planet so we missioned the clean-up. Everything is now spotless. We even disinfected the inside of the bin and cleared out the fridge and cleaned it. Even the floor was mopped.

Then we all sat down to watch this Channel 4 programme which counted down the pop star/band/whatever who sold the most singles. We all had our money on the Beatles (what legends)....but no. As they were about to annouce the "winner" I suddenly had this niggling doubt. After the Beatles were number 2, we started to think it might be Pink Floyd. But no, I thought…something doesn't seem quite right. And then I had this horrendous image: What if Cliff Richard won this? What if Cliff Richard proved to have sold the most singles…ever? This horrific image was realised. "How and why?" springs to mind.

And now here I am to tell the tale.

I can write really long entries about nothing – useful essay skill there.

Edit: I only have 2 and a half months left of being a teenager!?!?!!?!?! Jesus Christ! That just hit me around the face like a wet fish.

Edit 2: Daniel Craig is the next Bond…officially. You heard it here first! (You probably didn't.) Strange choice…a blond Bond. Nice stubble though.

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