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August 20, 2005


The other day I went body-boarding. It's so much fun and you get to look super funkily cool whilst you do it (and if you happen to go near the actual surfers too.)

The waves the other day were amazing, some really strong ones even being quite near the shore. At first, me and my house mate tried to run into the water BayWatch style but then we got swept off our feet and had to glug to the surface.

Basically, its surfing but you lie down on a board which is a bit short and more square at the top and less tapered. You swim out into the sea (hard work!) and hang around until you sea a wave beginning to form in the distance. Then you get ready. If its a good one, you get the rolling motion and the white horses things. When its nearly upon you you started to swim back in the direction of the shore (whilst on the board of course) and then the wave picks you up and takes you along. After a bit I started to really get the hang of being "taken" by the wave – it helps if you lift the end of your board as you glide more. Sometimes I was thrown off which hurt a little bit. But it was so cool when I went underwater when a wave came over as I could hear it crack underwater!

The best bit though (strangely) was when an undercurrent of a previous wave got me and sent me flying back all the way onto the shore, which I hit as I was thrust off my board. It really hurt (bruises to prove it!) but it was a huge adrenaline rush!

Had a bit of a scary moment when my housemate, Liane, said "oh my god there's something under the water below us." Cue the Jaws music playing in my head. But luckily, it was crab.

Hope it's sunny on Tuesday as I want to go and do it again!

August 14, 2005

Sunday, 30th October is…..

:D :D :D :D

In case no one got it, i'm going to see Jamie Cullum – WOO!

August 11, 2005

Location, location, location.

I just did a spectular entry about where I am in the world, including maps and geographical stats and stuff and then the computer wiped it.

In short: Here is a map…

I'm nearest the place labelled Nags Head, on those islands. Those islands are called The Outer Banks.

Forgotten everything else i was going to write….so there is a map…TA-DAAA!

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