April 11, 2006

No passion for this film.

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Passion of the Christ.
1 out of 5 stars

I saw this film when it came out and had decided to go and see it because I wanted to see what all the fuss was all about and also to satisfy my curiosity about the Latin and Arbic nature of it. I went with an open mind and hated the film. So why do I bring it up now? Well, it's Easter (which is associated with Christ, obviously…) and also because I walked past a Church today which advertised "Free showing of Passion of the Christ" tonight.

I would actively miss this film even though it's free. I'm actually sorry that I spent good money on seeing it in the first place. This is in no way because I don't agree with the content of the film. If it had been a good film then I would have enjoyed it no matter of the religious content. (I did enjoy the religious infused Narnia!) Fact is, it was a very mediocre and poorly made film.

Apparently in America several people died when they watched the film. They were so moved by it that they had heart attacks. What an embarassing way to die. Moved to death by a poorly scripted and self-important film.

What I particulary didn't like about the film was the naive self-importance which it strutted into the box office with. 'Look at my film' says Mel Gibson 'it's about Christ so no one can slate it or say it's bad.' The scripting was terrible and the plot line was awful. Yes, it's about Christ's life and the lead up to his death but blimey, you'd think that would make a great film. But Gibson decided to go for gore over emtional build-up. After watching the whipping, the nailing and general brutality you do get the picture that yes, things were pretty nasty. We knew that anyway. But in terms of being a film (you were making a film, weren't you, Mel?) it was unneccessary. People seemed to forget that Passion of the Christ is infact a film. It would have been compared to other films at Oscar debates etc and it could not haven stood up to them. Was simply not a good film.

What I suggest Gibson should have done to make a better film would have been to turn the film around. Instead of making the audience squirm in their seats at the sight of blood for 2 hours, he should have told the story of Christ's life. He should have depicted the life of a man, used the stories of all the good stuff Jesus did etc. Then use flash-fowards to show what is going to happen to this man and it is in these flash forwards that the violence and gore could have been used as a contrast. Would have been more effective and more hard-hitting than 2 hours of mindless desensitising gore. It was just horrific and not in an effective way.

The credit for this film needs to stop. It's not enjoyable. If you want to see a good film about Christ's life then see Jesus of Nazareth. Aviod this pretentious guff. The self-importance will make you vom.

So if you see a sign saying 'free showing of Passion of the Christ' don't get tempted by the price. You'll be ripped off.

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  1. Allan Smith

    It came across more as Fight Club: Nazareth when I watched it. 2 hours of watching Jesus get the shit beaten out of him.

    Life of Brian tells us more about religion than this does.

    11 Apr 2006, 15:30

  2. Exactly. And Life of Brian was a fantastic film as well.

    None of this arse.

    11 Apr 2006, 15:36

  3. I loved it :P

    11 Apr 2006, 15:36

  4. Matthew Jones

    In case anybody hasn't seen it, the South Park episode The Passion of the Jew is a brilliant crtitique of this movie and also brilliantly pokes fun at religion's insecurities. It also makes Mel Gibson look like a complete tool. It's ace!

    11 Apr 2006, 15:52

  5. "Wir mussen die Juden aus rauten" etc…

    Mel Gibson chasing Stan & Kenny in the bus: "Give me back my money! gurn "
    Hilarious :D

    11 Apr 2006, 17:50

  6. The movie is called 'PASSION of the Christ', the passion BEING the violence he suffered. Obviously, that's what the movie is going to be about. If you went in expecting to see something about Jesus' life rather than his death, then that's your own fault I'm afraid.

    12 Apr 2006, 12:38

  7. I heard Jesus jumps through a plate glass window in a vest carrying a baby under one arm and a shotgun in his hand. Confirm/Deny?

    12 Apr 2006, 13:43

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