January 15, 2006

Australian Princess.

Today, in my blissful "i'm not going to do anything today" mindset, watched some of the outrageously stupid programme called "Australian Princess" where some ordinary Oz girls try to become a British Princess on Paul Burrell's (the butler we love to hate! No, we just hate him) and some crazy woman's judgement.

Having nothing better to do with their lives, these girls get trained in making tea "the proper way", serving lunch, making conversation, standing up straight and boating…whilst being told to lose a few pounds and that they are common because they don't usually use tea strainers.

The whole show is ridiculous. Paul Burrel (a.k.a Paul "i'm famous for trying to posh" Burrell) made me want to enter the royal bloodline just so I would have a good chance at killing him. He readily downgraded the rest of Britain and called us all "miffs" just because we don't set our tea cups and saucers at the 5 o'clock angle and because we don't spend 30 minutes making a cup of tea. The "cardinal sin" is apparently putting milk in the cup first. Well Paul, if you knew your tea history, some people would consider putting milk in their tea a sin in itself. It also became clear just how sad this man is: He bases his whole existence on the fact that he knows the royal family. Paul, you're still a butler…which traditionally is marginally better than a slave. And personally I'd rather not spend my life serving at someone's beck and call. So stick that up your pompous pipe and watch Spartacus! And you are certainly no Blackadder III.

The other judge person calls herself an "etiquette expert". This means that she has this "holier than thou" attitude and she thinks she can tell girls to lose weight..all while she looks ugly and while her double chin wobbles. Ah, but she worked for the Queen! So she must be important! Her self-importance levels are sky-high. She lectures the girls on being "lady-like" and tells them off for being too boisterous etc…but is it "lady-like" to be offensive and a loud-mouthed hag?

The girls, suffice to say, are all quite silly and should not change. Why anyone would want to actually be a princess nowadays is beyond me. Attention, I suppose.

The programme annoyed me.

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  1. There there.

    15 Jan 2006, 09:19

  2. "but is it "lady-like" to be offensive and a loud-mouthed hag?" .. lols! I haven't seen the program, but I like your 'review' =)

    15 Jan 2006, 10:35

  3. You've pretty much summed up why I never watch TV: it largely consists of a bunch of attention seekers making arses of themselves.

    15 Jan 2006, 11:25

  4. TV nowadays is just worthless. Nothing is really original anymore and it's all just "reality" tv with some contestants and some judges who try to be as offensive as possible. It's a very long fad and I hope it goes away soon.

    15 Jan 2006, 11:30

  5. Nothing like the good old days eh? :p

    15 Jan 2006, 14:11

  6. Indeed not! TV was so much cooler back in t'day! :D

    15 Jan 2006, 17:12

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