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April 18, 2006


Writing about I've been tagged from From tractors to reactors

6 weird habits of mine coming up!

1) I line my feet up to the cracks in the pavement and objects which run along the pavement, like lamposts, postboxes, fencing – everything. Whats weird is that I skip steps just so I line up my feet. Whats weirder is that I now do it for others in my head. It's getting quite out of hand.

2) I have a 'clear the plate' policy. I have to try my hardest every meal time to clear my plate. As a consequence, I can now digest a great amount of food in a significantly short space of time. I think it's quite a primal instinct but it's something I cannot help. I also cannot concentrate if my stomach is not full.

3) I'm not a good morning person. Seems stupid to say this as lots of people would argue that they too are not good morning people, but wow…in the mornings life just ain't good.

4) I like feet. This isn't a habit of mine but I do genuinely like peoples' feet. Even if you have hard skin, wrinkly toes…I appreciate it! Not sure why but I think feet are so cool.

5) Maybe as a result of number 4, I don't wear socks whenever I can get away with it.

6) I have obsessional phases where I'm obsessed about one particular thing. This could be an artist, a film, a play or a tv programme but I do tend to get obsessed with it for a space of time then it goes. Everything I do is about it. MSN is a way of dealing with this. I put all the energy into making up screen names and searching pictures and then it's out of my actual life. I sound like a nutter!

That was quite cathartic!

I tag anyone who wants to do this quiz.

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