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Thus my first year ran away from me taking all the pie and now my second year has slipped through my hands, so as I type I am preparing for my last and final year.

I’m living in Tocil come september, am on the film soc exec as Publicity Officer so expect everyone to use the film schedules and booklets as worshipping tools and bibles. I’m a very inconsistent member of warwiick volunteers…having only volunteered once. Ooops.

I love film, blues, jazz, country (eg Cash not Twain!), writing, most 60s music, some 70s and some 80s. I’ve recently got into the old style deep south truckin blues – immense!

I study Classics and love it. If you’ve got something to prove or are trying to cover your insecurities about your subject by slating mine then take your business elsewhere. I have no time for people who slate subjects they know nothing about. Cretins!

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