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November 17, 2011

Art–science divide noted by the media

It seems I'm not so mad as I initially thought, both these talks state the need for disciplines (art-science) to unite.

November 14, 2011

Thing 11 – Lanyrd

I've joined this and managed to find two relevant events that are in the past, however I can't find any for the future :( I will search some more and hope that more people start to use this as it seems like an excellent tool, especially being linked to twitter.

Thing 10 – explore your network

I've been searching for other members of the WIE and physics education networks on twitter. So far I have yet to find any of my fellow education students but I have found some other lecturers that I know and some passionate teachers, and lots of physics-based companies who are related to education, like the IOP, who are very useful to know in terms of public engagement.

next step is to look and see if the linkedin and friends are also on twitter. Made somewhat harder by twitter refusing to connect to my google account and search my email address book as it it 'over capacity'. However, it is always over capacity, leading me to think it just doesn't like me1 ;P

Thing 9 – Tweeting my network!

I found this thing very very useful to find researchers. The hash tag video was very useful in aiding me to find the scope of physics educators on twitter. I plan to build up a network and then start regularly tweeting about my findings and thoughts as my research in schools is beginning to start. :)

hash tags with no tweets:





#physics education.

Continue this search!

November 13, 2011

Thing 8 – Twitter

I now have a twitter account. It was easy ti sign up and I must confess that I am somewhat impressed by the number of academics and science education-based tweeters that I have easily found straight away. I shall put aside some time to look for more research contacts first of all based at Warwick, and then further afield.

Use this as a start:

November 09, 2011

Thing 7 – eportfolio

My eportfolio can be found at:

it needs work on the literature - I'd like to add in the resources I've used so far and update the professional development.

Thing 6 – Academia. edu

I aready have a profile:

and a linkedin one:

Note~: look into these:

Thing 5 – podcasts and videocasts

I've been subscribing to music podcasts for years, but now I have started to look for academic podcasts on itunes.

As far as I can find so far, most podcasts on education in itunes are to do with learning languages. There seems to be lots of podcasts aimed at school age pupils, and some lectures from different universities, but none related to science education so far.

The search continues....

Thing 4 – journal alerts

I'm awaiting confirmation of my wiley account then I will subscribe to

Journal of Research in Science Teaching

Thing 3 – RSS

I have an igoogle which I have been using for quite some time. It sits well with my google domain. I have it linked to all RSS feeds of university departments and with my google reader, to keep it well organised. I find igoogle extremely useful and think google is an excellent company in terms of all the open-source work they do.

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