September 20, 2005

Random me.

I've now heard Robbie Williams' new song approximately six times since it was released yesterday. I've heard it at home, going to and from work and in a shop. I also saw its 'First ever showing' on TV at the weekend in an ad' slot. A little bit of overkill perhaps?
I see Paul McCartney has termed Mr Williams 'overrated'. I know Paul McCartney has received a lot of criticism over saying this, but HEY, I think he's right. Robbie Williams IS overrated! He just stands out because of the lack of competition in this niche area of the pop market.

I saw Mariah Carey's new video on B4 this morning and it actually made me laugh out loud. It's just so Silly (did you see the capital S?) She's now become the most successful female 'artist' in the history of the universe and everything ever ever!
Ms Carey (not to be misread as M Scary) has now taken to flailing her arms about whilst contorting her fingers to all the Cardinal points. The end result of this makes it look as though she is attempting to hug several ghosts a la Emimem and several other gansta huggers, whoops I mean ganster rappers! This is all deeply unsettling.
I'm still trying to work what the reason is for Mariah Carey.

I went to the Arts Centre at lunch time to mill around. I was overjoyed to discover that (what seemed like) hundreds of school children had coalesced outside Sozo in order no doubt to do something productive, although whilst I was there, screaming in the highest possible register seemed to be much more preferable to them. School children being what they are (and not what they should be: namely, seen and not heard, or rather, neither seen nor heard) proceeded to split the ear drums of every adult present – and students also! (Ooh sarcasm – nice!)
I noticed that the coat rack was open and I immediately thought of the time I went to the Hummingbird in Birmingham (as I used to most Saturday nights) and was having a discussion about the Devil with some of my friends only to freak them out ten minutes later when I handed in my coat to the coat rack person and got the number 666 ticket. I found this highly amusing although my friends shot me suspicious glances all night and stayed clear of me, thinking perhaps that I was going to get trampled by a marauding elephant, crushed by a malfunctioning helicopter or mauled by some rottweiler or some other such demonic force.

Yes, I've had a bad day just in case you haven't worked that out already.
This was not helped by the dippy dolt that put her coat on my rolled up map in the toilet on the shelf, whilst I was drying my hands. Many hours spent putting this map together! It could have been nasty.
In defence of her though she did seem genuinely stupid and you simply cannot get angry at stupid people can you? Staggering!

It's been a bad day.

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  1. Are you feeling any better today, Lix? You know what the problem is, don't you? You're missing me! We really should have lunch or something!

    21 Sep 2005, 12:18

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