June 28, 2010

leadership theory is so vast)

have considered a number of leadership approaches and theories and came up to conclusion that none of them can be fully attributed and used dolemly. In real life it is always interelation of different approaches . Have come up to conclusion that will be adressing a number of them and take just particular strenths they provide with.

June 08, 2010

bad coaching, VERA! BAD!!)

Have practices coaching again in quite unexpected manner (girl love affaires))) but still the point that it is difficult and not every person is capable of being a coach in my perception. Definitely not my feature, as I find it absolutely unavoidable to somehow influence a person I am talking to. Asking questions” “how do you feel?”, “what do you think?” Confuse even myself so I can only imagine how a person who doesn’t know what to do, being asked, “what do you think you should do?” )). A coach is surely to have a strong control over what he/she says and ability to analyze and think quickly.


May 21, 2010

"Ohh…and how do you feel about it?

I have always thought that you ask or hear that kind of question only when you do not know what to say, when somebody tries to unburden one's heart or explains whatever bothers him or her (now it came to me that you might use it in order to make inquiries). I hated people doing that because I was willing to get some advice not willing to solve the matter all by myself.

However, only now it came to me that you might use such a question in order to make inquiries. Never really have pondered on actual difference between advising and coaching, it seemed to be interrelated activities. Therefore, by giving advice you share the risk of actually failing to get to the root causes of an issue. A solution lies somewhere deep inside the individual who is seeking for it. So a coach’s role not to influence making of decision itself but to get a person out this blind alley and make him analyze the possibilities, look for solutions and actually start some proactive moves.

I also think that coaching is a very difficult because you one ought to be very careful not to overstep this thing line between actual influencing and dragging a person towards your ideas and nurturing the actual solution within that particular individual.

May 18, 2010

Do you want to be an effective leader – learn what it's like to be a follower)

Only in brainstorming and discussion one can get a very helpful selection of some new ideas he or she could never think of. I, myself, strongly believed that effective leaders are born, and a person should have certain qualities and characteristics that ought to develop over his life (experience). I really liked the point, which I never thought of, that every person can be called a leader at some way, as we all tend to influence someone at a particular point of time. The question of effectiveness rise right away, you might have a positional power or authority to lead and people will comply but not willingly; but still leading practice might take place and, indeed, be found in any person. Do you have to be a follower before leading productivly is even more complicated to answer. It is getting even more confusing because you do not know from what side to approach that questin...we had a very mixed discussion, in my perception, and ended up answering a question of what we understand under efficient leadership rather the question we wanted to answer...))) Still, the result for me, personally, was achieved I got my own solution to that matter and now I strongly believe that one has to be a follower first. Though one never stop debating what came first - kitchen or an egg? is it the leader who then find the followers or vice versa?)) 

May 14, 2010

BORN or MADE…either or both?

Have really thought on a topic whether a leader is born or made… Before our discussion in class I favored viewpoint that leadership qualities are hard to be nurtured - they are passed on through genes and develop due to child’s cultural and social environment he/she is growing in. A kid does not go to courses to create those features therefore they are developing naturally.

After a number of quite reasonable examples and ideas, perhaps, my perception shattered a bit, since any person has some leadership qualities that might differ greatly. Leader not in its HERO retrospective also can be called so because they might be those who will follow… The answer is as always that there is not one right answer)))

May 06, 2010

L&E day2

Working in a group both challenging and entertaining as one never knows what the final outcomes of collective work might be. You come up with your thoughts and then someone throws an idea that might totally change your perception, or, on the contrary, strengthen your own viewpoint.

While getting to know my group members a had a witty thought “how can we choose a leader if all of them are here to be leaders or at least to learn how to be a good one?” How do you select one out of 5))) But I found out that collaboration in work is more helpful than simple nomination for a position. That is why we choose to negotiate, brainstorm and support our ideas...

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