May 21, 2010

"Ohh…and how do you feel about it?

I have always thought that you ask or hear that kind of question only when you do not know what to say, when somebody tries to unburden one's heart or explains whatever bothers him or her (now it came to me that you might use it in order to make inquiries). I hated people doing that because I was willing to get some advice not willing to solve the matter all by myself.

However, only now it came to me that you might use such a question in order to make inquiries. Never really have pondered on actual difference between advising and coaching, it seemed to be interrelated activities. Therefore, by giving advice you share the risk of actually failing to get to the root causes of an issue. A solution lies somewhere deep inside the individual who is seeking for it. So a coach’s role not to influence making of decision itself but to get a person out this blind alley and make him analyze the possibilities, look for solutions and actually start some proactive moves.

I also think that coaching is a very difficult because you one ought to be very careful not to overstep this thing line between actual influencing and dragging a person towards your ideas and nurturing the actual solution within that particular individual.

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  1. Interesting point in the last paragraph.

    I believe that role of coach is very important but the real genius resides in the student not the coach. The coach’s primary job is to help the student
    become aware that genius and remove the barriers that hinder its expression. A coach believes in the learning abilities of the student and is committed that they get the most out of those abilities. A coach may guide, explain, demonstrate, focus, encourage and show new possibilities
    but the heart of the coaching interaction is providing feedback that will help them develop an awareness of what they actually do.

    And leadership is what we have been discussing and sort of experiencing during our simulation games.

    23 May 2010, 22:12

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