May 06, 2010

L&E day2

Working in a group both challenging and entertaining as one never knows what the final outcomes of collective work might be. You come up with your thoughts and then someone throws an idea that might totally change your perception, or, on the contrary, strengthen your own viewpoint.

While getting to know my group members a had a witty thought “how can we choose a leader if all of them are here to be leaders or at least to learn how to be a good one?” How do you select one out of 5))) But I found out that collaboration in work is more helpful than simple nomination for a position. That is why we choose to negotiate, brainstorm and support our ideas...

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  1. I totally agree with your thoughts…how can we choose a leader when all of us are learning leadership? I have always thought that when a situation occurs, a leader will show himself. However, since we are all classmates, would it be better for everyone if we take turns in taking a leadership role?

    As for the definitions, the other teams had some good ideas but i still felt ours matched my understanding the most…

    06 May 2010, 13:54

  2. hey guys, i agree with some of your points about all of us being here to learn to be leaders but i think spending time being a follower will really benefit us aswell because once we get into a leadership position, we will at least be able to identify with what our followers are going through …i think its all a humbling experience really

    06 May 2010, 18:21

  3. I agree with your points too, since I believe everyone has his/ her thinking. The way of one’s lead may not satisfy with the others.. Hence, what we need to work out is to strike the balance amongst our views in order to satisfy everyone in achieving the main objectives. I reckon its more on how 5 of us influence each other, other than fussing about who the leader is.

    06 May 2010, 18:48

  4. I agree with some of your points Vera, but there is a limit to where collaboration could get us without leadership. Without a leader figure, we would not be able to move as swiftly as we should in ceratain situations because we would always need to reach a consensus before each decision. My point here is that there are certain decisions that one would have to take as a leader that may not necessarily agree with the ideas of the other members of the team, and it is ones ability to take those hard decisions and stand by them that actually separates a true leader from a phony. It is impossible for us to keep having smooth collaborations for the rest of our lives. Conflicts would arise and the need for leadership would be more apparent than ever.

    06 May 2010, 22:31

  5. VERA

    I side your view point, Temi, that is why i had that funny thought of how we are to actually choose one. Up to the needs of that module we definitely could do the switching roles thing ‘cos (to Elvis) I personally, have nothing against being a follower as long as leader’s ideas and actions prove to be reasonable, logical, ethical or whatever one might think of. Otherwise you stand up and ‘fight’ or simply try to influence a leader some how)))) I also liked the point of Bonita about striking a balance which, in my perception, we managed to achieve already.

    But think guys, in a bigger scale where in the future, for instance, in a company you have worked for some years and tried hard to implement some really nice ideas, and then suddenly you are given a chance to get a top position, with actual abilities to change and influence alteration. Do you possible stay aside as a follower and do not compete to get that leading power. I REALLY DO NOT think so))) I understand that people differ as well as circumstances bla-bla-bla…but in our particular case every individual in this module came for nurturing his or her leadership features. Because you all have strong individual felling that you are capable of doing it. Now you even might not be really interested into leading a team of 5 Warwick students you barely know. Like Elvis said you can try on a follower costume)))))hhhehe sorry if i got a bit carried away)

    07 May 2010, 17:24

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