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May 18, 2010

Do you want to be an effective leader – learn what it's like to be a follower)

Only in brainstorming and discussion one can get a very helpful selection of some new ideas he or she could never think of. I, myself, strongly believed that effective leaders are born, and a person should have certain qualities and characteristics that ought to develop over his life (experience). I really liked the point, which I never thought of, that every person can be called a leader at some way, as we all tend to influence someone at a particular point of time. The question of effectiveness rise right away, you might have a positional power or authority to lead and people will comply but not willingly; but still leading practice might take place and, indeed, be found in any person. Do you have to be a follower before leading productivly is even more complicated to answer. It is getting even more confusing because you do not know from what side to approach that questin...we had a very mixed discussion, in my perception, and ended up answering a question of what we understand under efficient leadership rather the question we wanted to answer...))) Still, the result for me, personally, was achieved I got my own solution to that matter and now I strongly believe that one has to be a follower first. Though one never stop debating what came first - kitchen or an egg? is it the leader who then find the followers or vice versa?)) 

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