November 20, 2011


One of my day jobs is as the Evaluations Co-ordinator for the Secondary PGCE. The end of the first phase of college based training saw the first set of evaluations, and the online resources is a target across the whole course. We're all thinking about ways to improve our online provision, and this seems like the ideal place to throw some ideas around.

Cheryl Cane, the English PGCE Subject Lead, has suggested the idea of a 'Passport', or self-testing online quizzes for every session that we do. I like the model of the ICT audit which the Primary PGCE use (and which one of the EAPP cohort, Susan Crosson, designed), which gives instant feedback and, most importantly, provides links to places where students can find the information/ training which they need to improve their scores. I think it's a model which I shall try to use for the English Language subject knowledge audit, which is in paper form at the moment. It won't be linked to a specific session, but it will help to engage the trainees.

An earlier attempt to do so was to create English Language wikis, where they could help each other, exchange resources, learn and teach (which is, we know, an effective way to make sure you learn something thoroughly) has been taken up, but not enthusiastically, by the cohort. One student commented 'I don't want to wait for the wikis, I want to know now.' Although I pointed them in the direction of a useful crib book, it would be helpful to link the SKA to online resources. I can see that's what my Christmas vacation will be spent doing... It might even make an EAPP project - not the most exciting thing in the entire world, but it would be easy to do, a lasting and useful resource, and easy to evaluate with students.

October 27, 2011

Acronym heaven

It's the first day of the PGA EAPP, and I've already learnt two things. 1) What a glossary page is on sitebuilder (and how useful and pretty it is...) and 2) what an RSS feed is and how I can use it. Which seems like it might be an amazing tool for keeping up with journal editions.

I've also actually set up the Warwick blog, for 'reflection' about e-learning. I think the main thing is that there are lots of tools out there, and there are lots of ideas in my head about what I'd like to do in terms of technology enhanced learning (TEL!) and in order to match the two together I need either a tame Nic Wilkinson in my pocket or a lot of time to play with different software. My new target is to use PhotoStory or Wink or Jing to make the KS3 marking video I've been thinking of for a while. It's not a podcast, I learned today, because it has to be syndicated for distribution if you want that to happen.

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